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a learned Norwegian, was born at Skatnaes, in Nordland, in 1722.

, a learned Norwegian, was born at Skatnaes, in Nordland, in 1722. He went in 1740 to the school of Drontheim, the rector of which conceived so high an opinion of his talents, as to assist him in carrying on his studies at Copenhagen, where in 1758, he was elected a member of the academy of sciences at Copenhagen. In 1764 he was appointed professor of history and eloquence at Sora, and received literary honuurs from various societies. In 1773, 1774, and 1775, he went on a tour, at the king’s expence, through various parts of Norway, to examine the remains of antiquity, but was recalled to Copenhagen to be keeper of the archives, and in 1776 was appointed a member of the society formed for publishing Icelandic works from the collection of Arnas Magnaeus. He died July 18, 1780. He is said to have passed his time and employed his thoughts entirely on his peculiar studies, having an utter aversion to theological controversy, and being equally partial to men of merit of all persuasions. His works are numerous, but many of them are academical dissertations. Among those of a more permanent form are “An Essay towards the ancient Geography of the Northern Countries, particularly Norway” “Observations on the old Northern Marriages and Weddings” “De Anni Ratione apud veteres Septentrionales” “History of Norway from the foundation of the kingdom till the time of Harold Haarfager,1771—1781, 4 vols. 4 to, the last volume edited by Suhm “Travels through Norway,” &c. He was also the contributor of many papers to the Transactions of the Norwegian society, and of the academy of sciences at Copenhagen, on subjects of antiquity, bearing some relation to the northern nations.