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a learned professor of physic at Leyden, was descended from ancestors

, a learned professor of physic at Leyden, was descended from ancestors distinguished in the republic of letters. His grandfather, Henry, born in 1546, was a master of the learned languages, and suffered greatly on account of the reformation, which he embraced very young, having lost his father, his wife’s father, and other relations and friends, in the Spanish massacre at Naerden in 1572. After this he exercised the function as a minister at Enckhuisen till 1585, when he was invited to be professor of divinity at the university of Franeker, then founded, pi'onounced the inaugural oration when it was opened, and was the first lecturer. He died there in 1614, and left, among other children, a son, named Antony, also a man of talents and learning, and on that account promoted by the magistrates of Enckhuisen to be rector of their college. He was skilled in music, and no stranger to divinity; but his leading study was physic, in which faculty, having taken the degree of doctor at Franeker in 1608, he practised with success and reputation, first at Enckhuisen, and afterwards at Amsterdam, to which he removed in 1625.