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, or Le Roi, a name he thought proper to change, as it was liable to be applied

, or Le Roi, a name he thought proper to change, as it was liable to be applied in ridicule, was a learned Reformer of the 16th century, and born at Langenargen, or Arga Longa, in the territories of the counts of Mountfort. Having received a very liberal education, first at the school of Lindau, and afterwards at that of Fribourg, where he lived with Zasius, a celebrated civilian who encouraged his diligence, and admired him for his extraordinary proficiency and amiable manners, he went to Basil for farther improvement, but was soon attracted to Ingoldstadt, at that time a very famous university, and under the direction of the no less famous John Eckius. Here Regius read lectures, but unfortunately was induced to superintend the education of some youths of noble families, and provide them with books and other necessaries, which their parents neglecting to pay, he was obliged to give up what little property he had for the benefit of his creditors, and in despair of assistance to carry on his studies, enlisted as a common soldier. In this plight, however, he happened to be discovered by Eckius, who procured his discharge, and prevailed on the parents of his pupils to discharge all arrears due to him.