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a native of Lincolnshire, was born in 1566, and educated in the

, a native of Lincolnshire, was born in 1566, and educated in the university of Cambridge, of which he became a fellow, and studied civil law. Obtaining from the master and fellows of his house a licence to travel, he set out, and spent about ten years abroad. He had previously been incorporated M. A. in the university of Oxford. Soon after his return he went to Ireland in 1598, where his brother, sir Richard Moryson, was vicepresident of Minister, and was there made secretary to the lord deputy, sir Charles Blount, lord Mountjoy. He died about 1614, and three years after, his travels appeared under the title of “An Itineraty, containing ten years travels through the twelve dominions of Germany,” &c. Lond. 1617, folio. This was first written in Latin, but afterwards translated by himself into English. He is also the author of “An History of Ireland from 1599 to 1603; with a short narration of the state of the kingdom from the year 1169,” 2 vok. 8vo. The only copy we have seen of this work (to which Harris gives no date) is dated Dublin, 1735.