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a noble and learned Spaniard, was born at Labanezza, in 1652.

, a noble and learned Spaniard, was born at Labanezza, in 1652. After having gone through his studies at the university of Salamanca, he took orders, and obtained the cure of St. James of TaJavera, and afterwards was removed to that of St. Peter at Madrid, where he became distinguished by his wit and learning. He refused two bishoprics, although he was pressed by the court to accept them, preferring a quiet and literary life. The academy of Madrid chose him for one of its members in 1713, the year of its foundation; and the king confirmed this unanimous approbation of the literati, by appointing him his librarian. Ferreras was very useful to this growing academy, particularly by assisting in the composition of a Spanish Dictionary, which was undertaken and published by the academy, 1739, in six volumes, folio. He died, four years before, in 1735. He left several works in theology, philosophy, and history; the most considerable of which was a. general history of Spain, written in Spanish, and translated into French by licnnilly, in ten volumes, 4to. Though Mariana’s history is more elegantly written, yet all the Spanish literati agree, that it is not so exact and faithful as that of Ferreras. It ends in the reign of Philip II.