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a pious and learned capuchin, whose family name was la Peirie,

, a pious and learned capuchin, whose family name was la Peirie, was born at Lombez in 1708, and died the 25th of October 1778, at St. Saviour, near Bareges, at the age of 70. His order was sensible to his merit, and he was successively professor of theology, guardian, and definitor. His tract on “Inward Peace,” and his “Lettres Spirituelles,” each in one vol. 12mo, are said by persons of his communion, to be full of light and unction, and breathe that gentle piety that characterised their author. We are told by pere Mayeul, that he had great talents as a spiritual director, and was an instrument in the hand of God for converting sinners, and consoling the just. Fere Ambrose had by nature a self-love by far too sensible, with an exuberance of delicacy, and an ardent desire of public esteem: but an adherence to the precepts of the gospel effectually cured him of all these defects. To his native pride he opposed humility and self-contempt. “It is self-love,” said he, “that corrupts our virtues, and spoils our happiness. Of a hundred things that offend us in society, ninety-nine were never meant to offend. But pride takes all things in their strictest rigour.” “Let it take things,” added he, “as it will; I will suffer all. If they should spit in my face, have I not a handkerchief to wipe it off?