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a priest of Riom, once well known by his singular opinions, entered

, a priest of Riom, once well known by his singular opinions, entered the congregation of the oratory in 1662, but was obliged to quit it in 1671, being a friend to Cartesianism, which was then a heresy. He preached against the conduct of Innocent XI. towards France, and published a treatise on the Trinity 1696, in which appearing to favour tritheisnr, he was confined at St. Lazare in Paris, but afterwards received orders from the king to retire to his country, where he died 1709. He left “a life of St. Amable,” 12mo; “Remarks on Homer, Virgil, and the poetical style of Scripture,” 2 vols. 12mo; a collection in Latin verse, and French prose, entitled, “Tombeau de M. de Santeuil,” 12mo; '“La Telemacomanie, ou Critique du Telemaque de M. Fenelon,” 12mo, a foolish attack on Fenelon’s celebrated performance. All his works contain singular opinions, great reading and learning, but little taste or judgment. “Le Moines emprunte*s,” 2 vols. 12mo, have been attributed to him, but they are by Haitze.