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a schoolmaster of very considerable note in his day, and the publisher

, a schoolmaster of very considerable note in his day, and the publisher of some schoolbooks not yet out of use, was born at Wakefield, in Yorkshire, in 1610, and educated at the free-school there. At the age of eighteen years, by the advice of his kinsman Dr. Robert Sanderson, afterwards bishop of Lincoln, he was sent to Lincoln-college, Oxford, where he became a proficient in the Greek and Hebrew tongues, and in philosophy. After he had taken one degree in arts, he entered into orders, retired to Lincolnshire for a time, and was appointed master of the free-school at Rotheram, in Yorkshire. In the beginning of the civil war he went to London, and by the invitation of some of the citizens, he taught a private school, first near Red-cross street, and afterwards in Token-house garden, in Lothbury. About the restoration, he was invited into Monmouthshire; but the promises made to induce him to go there not being answered, he returned to London, and was taken under the protection of his relation bishop Sanderson, who gave him a prebend in the church of Lincoln. About that time he became rector of Stock, near Billericay, in Essex, where he died on the 7th of March, 1666. He published, “Pueriles confabulatiunculse;” “Aditus facilis ad linguam Latinam;” “Corderius’s Colloquies;” “Rudiments of the Latin Grammar;” “Examination of the Common Accidence,” and in all, above twenty little books of this kind, many of which were adopted in schools, and reprinted again and again for the remainder of the seventeenth and part of the eighteenth century.