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a valuable collector of voyages and travels, the son of Paul Ramusio,

, a valuable collector of voyages and travels, the son of Paul Ramusio, a lawyer, was born at Venice in 1486. He made great proficiency in his classical and philosophical studies, but had a particular turn for politics, and was thought so accomplished in the knowledge of public affairs, that he was frequently deputed by the state to Switzerland, Rome, and France. He was also made secretary of the council of ten at Venice, and was for forty-three years more or less employed in that post, or in embassies. When old and infirm, he retired to Padua, where he died in July 1557, in the seventy- second year of his age. His principal work was entitled “Raccolta delleNavigazioni e de Viaggi,” and was published at different periods in three volumes folio. Of this valuable work complete copies are not easily to be met with. Brunei recommends the following selection as forming the best copy: vol. I. of the edition 1563 or 1588; vol. II. of 1583, and vol.111, of 1565. To this last volume should be added the supplement to the edition of 1606, p. 386—430, which contains “Viaggio di M. Cesare de Fredrici nelP Inclia-Orientale.