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a voluminous Spanish author, and accounted one of the most learned

, a voluminous Spanish author, and accounted one of the most learned men of his country in the seventeenth century, was born in 1611. He entered, when he was ahout fifteen years of age, into the order of the Jesuits at Salamanca, and spent the greatest part of his life in that university, where afterwards he was admitted to the degree of doctor of divinity, and appointed rector. He obtained a very high reputation by the solutions which he gave to persons who came from all parts to consult him in cases of conscience. He died in 1704, at the great age of ninety-three, and continued to perform the duties of professor till within three years of that time. His works consist of eleven folio volumes, in Latin. Nine of them are composed of treatises on philosophical, theological, and controversial subjects; the others are devoted to an account of the antiquities of Biscay, and furnish the reader with much curious and interesting matter; they are entitled “Biscaya Illustrata.” The part “de Cantabrias antiquitatibus” is a work of merit. He was author of many smaller pieces not inserted in. this collection.