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an eminent benefactor to literature, was born at Augsburg in 1526,

, an eminent benefactor to literature, was born at Augsburg in 1526, and deserves a place in this work for his affection to learning and learned men. His family was considerable for its antiquity and opulence; and Thuanus informs us, that when Charles V. changed the government of Augsburg, in 1548, he nominated the family of the Fuggers among those who thenceforward were to be raised to the dignity of senators. Yet this illustrious family, as all the genealogical writers of Germany, notice, sprung from a weaver, who, in 1370, was made free of the city of Augsburg. Huldric had been chamberlain to pope Paul III. and afterwards turned protestant. He laid out great sums in purchasing good manuscripts of ancient authors, and getting them printed; and for this purpose he for some time allowed a salary to the famous Henry Stephens. His relations were so incensed at him for the money he expended in this way, that they brought an action against him, in consequence of which he was declared incapable of managing his affairs. Thuanus, and some other writers observe, that this sentence pronounced against Fugger plunged him into a deep melancholy, which accompanied him almost to his grave; but it is asserted in his epitaph, that he was unmoved at the shock, and that he was soon after restored to his estate. He had retired to Heidelberg, where he died in 1584; having bequeathed his library, which was very considerable, to the elector Palatine, with a fund for the maintenance of six scholars.