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an eminent professor of botany and anatomy in the university of

, an eminent professor of botany and anatomy in the university of Wittetnberg, who was born in 1723, and died in 1803, was the disciple of Ludwig, and the author of a great many treatises on every branch of botanical science, much admired for original thoughts, perspicuity of method, and extensive knowledge. The principal of these were, 1. “Flora Lipsiae indigena,” Leipsic, 1750, 8vo. 2. “Definitiones plantarum Ludwigianas auctas et emendatas edidit G. R. Boehmer,” ibid. 1760, which forms a new and improved edition of Ludwig’s Elements of Botany. 3. “Bibliotheca scriptorum historic naturalis, oeconomisc, aliarumque artium ac scientiarum ad illam pertmentium, realis systematica,” ibid. 9 vols. 8vo, a very valuable bibliographical work, with references to the literary journals, &c. 4. “A history of plants used in arts and manufactures,” ibid. 1794, 8vo, in German. To these may be added a vast number of academical dissertations on botanical subjects. The Bcehmeria, a genus of the class Monrecia Tetrandria, was so named in honour of him, by Jacquin.