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an eminent professor of law and history at Geneva, died in that

, an eminent professor of law and history at Geneva, died in that city in 1678, leaving a great number of valuable works, some of them published under feigned names, particularly Burgoldensis. The following are the principal: 1, “Thesaurus rerum publicarum totius orbis,” Geneva, 1675, 4 vols. 8vo, a useful and curious book for the knowledge of the new monarchies and their interests. 2. “Limnoeus enucleatus,” ibid. 1670, folio; a work in high repute, and necessary for those who study the law of the empire. 3. “Notitia Imperil, sive discursus in instrumentum pacis Osnabrugo-Monasteriensis,” under the name of Phil. And. Burgoldensis, 4to. 4. “Tractatus de Rebuspublicis turbidis in tranquillum statuni reducendis, in eoque conservandis.” 5. “Tractatus de quatuor elementis juridice consideratis et notis illustratus.” 6. “Manuale principum Christiano rum de vera eorum felicitate.” 7. “Tractatus JuridicoPoliticus de securitate juris, publici ac privati.” 8. “De origine et progressu juris Romani,” &c.