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an ingenious doctor of the Sorbonne, was born Jan. 2, 1698, at

, an ingenious doctor of the Sorbonne, was born Jan. 2, 1698, at Paris. He lived a sedentary life, was appointed canon of St. Benoit, and died of a malignant fever at Paris, August 16, 1753, aged fifty-six. His genius was extremely accurate, with great clearness and precision of ideas; his temper mild, easy, and sociable. The principal works of this author which have been printed are a “Treatise on the Truth of Religion,” 5 vols. 12mo a “Treatise on the Formulary,” 4 vols. 12mo another on the “Bulls against Baius,” 2 vols. 12mo another on the “Constitution Unigenitus,” 2 vols. 12mo; and a volume in 12mo entitled “La Realite du Jansenisme.” It appears from all these treatises, that a good Thomist may accept the bulls against Baius and Jansenius, and the Constitution Unigenitus. The dogma is unfolded with much clearness and solidity; the theological opinions treated in a very methodical manner, and with great precision. His other works are, “Introduction a la Theologie,” 1 vol. 12mo. “Exposition claire et precise des differens points de doctrine qui ont raport aux matieres de religion,” Paris, 1745, 12mo. This contains the substance of twenty-two theological treatises; “Tr. de PEglise,” 6 vols. 12mo; “Tr. de la Grace,” 4 vols. 12mo; “La Logique, la Morale, et la Metaphysique,” Paris, 1754, 2 vols. 12mo, &C.