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, younger brother of the preceding, born in I 587, at Geneva, was also a very learned lawyer, and rose

, younger brother of the preceding, born in I 587, at Geneva, was also a very learned lawyer, and rose to the highest posts in that republic. He was five times syndic, and died there 1652. He left several works much esteemed; the following are the principal ones: I. “Opuscula varia, juridica, politica, historica, critica,” 4to. 2. “Fontes Juris civilis; de diversis Regulis Juris,1653, 4to. 3. “De famosis latronibus investigandis de jure praecedentiae de Salario animadversiones Juris civilis. De suburbicariis Regionibus de statu Paganorum sub Imperatoribus Christianis. Fragmenta Legum Juliae et Papioe collecta, et notis illustrata. Codex Theodosianus,1665, 4 vols.- fol. 4. “Veteris orbis descriptio Gracci Scriptoris, sub Constantio et Constante Imperantibus, Gr. et Lat. cum notis,” 4to. 5. “De Cenotaphio; de Dominio seu imperio marls et jure naufragii colligendi.” 6. Commentaries and Notes on several Orations of Libanius. 7. “L'Hist. Ecclesiastique de Philostorge, avec un Appendix.” 8. “Les Mercure Jesuite, ou Recueil des pieces concernant les Jesuites,1631, 2 vols. 8vo.