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celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities, and

, celebrated for his knowledge of the Greek language and antiquities, and descended from a family considerable in the North and East Riding of Yorkshire , was born in 1636, at Scruton in Yorkshire. He was sent to Westminster-school, and, being admitted king’s-scholar there, was elected to Trinity college, Cambridge, and became fellow of that society He took his degree of B. A. in 1656; of M. A. in 1662. In the prosecution of his studies, he applied himself to classical and polite literature, and his extraordinary proficiency procured him early a seat in the temple of fame. His knowledge of the Greek tongue recommended him, in 1666, to the office of regius professor of that language in the university, which he resigned in 1672; and his majesty’s Choice was approved by the accurate edition which he gave of the ancient mythologic writers, as well physical as moral, in Greek and Latin, published at Cambridge iri 1671, 8vo. This brought his merit into public view; and the following year he was appointed head master of St. Paul’s school in London; soon after which, by his majesty’s direction, he drew up those inscriptions which are to be seen upon the Monument, in memory of the dreadful conflagration in 1666, and was honoured with a present of plate made to him by the city. His excellent conduct and commendable industry in the school abundantly appear, from the great number of persons, eminently learned, who were educated by him: and, notwithstanding the fatigue of that laborious office, he found time to publish new and accurate editions of several ancient Greek authors.