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commonly called Glareanus, from Claris, a town in Switzerland, where

, commonly called Glareanus, from Claris, a town in Switzerland, where he was born in 1488, was educated at Cologne, Basil, and Paris, and in the course of his studies acquired the friendship of some eminent scholars, particularly Erasmus. He had a strong turn to music, and made it a great part ol his study. After having contributed to the advancement of letters, both by discourse and writing, he died in 1563, aged seventy- five. He composed the following works: 1. “Isagoge in Arithmeticam.” 2. “Descriptio de Situ Helvetia & vicinis Gentibus.” 3. “De quatuor Helvetiorum Fcedere Panegyricon.” 4. “Isagoge in Musicatn.” 5. “De Geographia Liber.” 6. “Judicium in Terentii Carmina.” 7. “In Horatium Annotationes.” 8. “Annotationes in Ovidii Metamorphoses.” 9. “Annotationes in Ciceronis Librum de Senectute.” 10. “Annotationes in Sallustii, quae adhuc extant, Historiarum Fragmenta.” 11. “Commentariusin Arithmeticam & Musicam Boethii.” 12. “Annotationes in Johannis Csesarii Dialecticam.” 13. “Annotationes in Ccesaris Cotnmentaria.” 14. “Annotationes in Titum Liviurn.” 15. “Annotationes & Cbronologia in totam Historiam Romanam.” 16. “Annotationes in Dionysiurn Halicarnasseum.” 17. “Elegiarum Libri duo.” 18. “De Arte Musica.” 19. “De Ponderibus ac Mensuris.” 20. “Annotationes in Valerium, Suetonium, & Lucanum.” 21. “Annotationes in Eutropium.” 22. “Epistola ad Johannem Hervagium.” 23. “Scholia in J\n Donati Methodum.” 24. “Brevis Isagoge de Katione Syllabarum & de Figuris quibus Poetae utuntur.” 25. “De Asse Libellus.