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in Latin Balduinus, a famous civilian, was born at Arras the first

, in Latin Balduinus, a famous civilian, was born at Arras the first of January, 1520. He studied for six years in the university of Louvain, after which he was some time at the court of Charles V. with the marquis de Bergue, and then he went to France, where he gained the friendship of the most learned men, and among others of Charles du Moulin, at whose house he lodged. The curiosity of knowing the most famous ministers induced him to travel into Germany; where he became acquainted with Calvin at Geneva, Bucer at Strasburgh, and others of the reformed clergy. On his return to Paris he was invited to a professorship of civil law at Bourges, which office he filled for seven years with reputation enough to alarm the jealousy of his colleague Duarenus, and then went to Tubing, where he likewise intended to have taught civil law; but hearing that Du Moulin designed to return to that university, he remained at Strasburgh, and gave lectures for about a year. Thence he went to Heidelberg, and was professor of civil law and history near five years, until he was sent for by Anthony of Bourbon, king of Navarre, who made him preceptor to his natural son. About this time an idea was entertained of reconciling the Romish and Protestant churches, and Baudouin was recommended to the king of Navarre, as likely to promote such an attempt, which however did not succeed, and only served to involve Baudouin in disputes with the reformers, who saw at once the impracticability of the scheme, without injuring the reformation already successfully begun. Baudouin carried his pupil to Trent, but on the king of Navarre’s death, returned to France with him, and found his estate and library pillaged.