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in Latin Gorreus, a physician, was born at Paris in 1505. He took

, in Latin Gorreus, a physician, was born at Paris in 1505. He took the degree of doctor of physic in that city about 1540, and was appointed dean of the faculty in 1548. He is said to have possessed both the learning and sagacity requisite to form an accomplished physician, and to have practised with great humanity and success. His works, which were published in 1622, folio, by one of his sons, contributed to support this reputation. The greater part of them consists of commentaries on different portions of the writings of Hippocrates, Galen, and Nicander. During the civil war, which was fatal to numerous men of letters, John de Gorris was stopped by a party of soldiers, when on his journey to Melun to visit the bishop of Paris, and the fright which he sustained is said to have deprived him of his reason. This occurred in 1561, and he lived in this deplorable condition until hia death at Paris, in 1577. His father, Peter de Gouius, was a physician at Bourges, attained considerable eminence, and left two works, one on the general “practice of medicine,” dated 1555; the other, “a collection of formulae,” 1560, both in Latin.