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our author’s second son, was born probably in 1667 or 1663, and

, our authors second son, was born probably in 1667 or 1663, and educated at Westminsterschool, from which he was elected to Oxford, but instead of being matriculated of Christ-church, was placed by his father, now become a Roman catholic, under the private tuition of Obadiah Walker, master of University college, a concealed papist. It is supposed that he went to Rome about the end of 1692, and obtained some office under his brother in the pope’s household. Previously to his leaving England, he translated the fourteenth satire for his father’s Juvenal, and while at Rome, wrote a comedy, “The Husband his own Cuckold,” which was acted in London, and published with a preface by his father. He made a tour in Sicily and Malta, of which his account, after remaining many years in manuscript, was published in 1776, in an 8vo pamphlet. Soon after his return to Rome from this excursion, in 1701, he is said to have died there of a fever.