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son of the second Henry, was born in 1566, and educated with great

, son of the second Henry, was born in 1566, and educated with great care. After he had finished 1m studies, his father, who wished him to succeed to his own business, sent him on his travels that he might form connections with men of learning. He accordingly visited the principal cities of Germany, Holland, Leyden, where he lived some time with Lipsius, and came also into England, where he is said to have formed an intimacy with John Castohus, a young man well versed in the ancient languages, but of whom we find no other mention. In 1599 he established a printing-office at Geneva, and produced some very correct editions of the Greek and Latin classics with notes, but not such beautiful specimens of typography as those of his father and grandfather. He died at Geneva in 1627, leaving two sons, Anthony and Joseph; the latter was king’s printer at Rochelle, and died in 1629. Of Anthony we shall take some notice presently. Paul published, 1. “Epigrammata Graecse anthoiogiae, Latinis versibus reddita,” Geneva, 1575, 8vo. 2. “Juvenilia,” ibid. 1595, 8vo, consisting of some small pieces he wrote in his youth. Among the editions of the classics which came from his press, there are few, if any, that used to be more valued than his “Euripides,1602, 4to. It occurs very rarely.