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the gallant defender of Gibraltar, was the son of sir Gilbert Eliott

, the gallant defender of Gibraltar, was the son of sir Gilbert Eliott of Stobbs in Roxburghshire. The ancient and honourable family of Eliott of Stobbs, as well as the collateral branch of Eliott of Min to in the same county, and of Eliott of port Eliott, in Cornwall, are originally from Normandy. Their ancestor M. Aliott came over with William the conqueror, and held a distinguished rank in his army. There is a traditionary anecdote in the family relating to an honourable distinction in their coat, which, as it corresponds with history, bears the probability of truth. When William set foot on the English land, he slipped and fell on the earth. On springing up again, he exclaimed, that it was a happy omen; he had taken seisin of the country whereof he was to become lord. Upon this, Aliott drevr his sword, and swore by the honour of a soldier, that he would maintain, at the hazard of his blood, the right of his lord to the sovereignty of the land of which he had thus taken possession. On the event of conquest, king William added to the arms of Aliott, which were a baton Or, on a field Azure, an arm and sword as a crest, with the motto, “Per saxa, per ignes, fortiter & recte.