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was a native of Dauphiny, and counsellor to the king, and a voluminous

, was a native of Dauphiny, and counsellor to the king, and a voluminous writer on the history of his native province. He died in 1716, while employed on a treatise on the police and finances of France, and other works left in manuscript. His printed works are, 1. “Zizime,” an historical novel, 1673, 1712, 1724, 12mo. 2. “Eloges de des Adrets, Depuy-Montbrun, Colignon,1675, 12mo. 3. “Les Aieules de madame de Bourgogne,1677, 12mo. 4. “Bibliotheque de Dauphiné,1680, 12mo, of which a new, but not improved edition, was published in 1797, by P. V. Chalvet. The original is very scarce. 5. “Inscriptions de Grenoble,1683, 4to. 6. “La Vie de Humbert II.” 1688. 7. “Les Presidents uniques, et les premiers Presidents au parlement de Dauphiné,1695. 8. “Recueil des Lettres,1695. 9. “Nobiliare du Dauphiné1671, 12mo, reprinted 1696. 10. “Genealogie de la famille Simiane,1697. 11. “Histoire genealogique de Dauphiné,” 4 vols. 4to. This work procured him the title of genealogist of Dauphiny. 12, 44 “Etat politique de Grenoble,1698, 12mo. 13. “Les Gouverneurs et Lieutenants au Gouvernement du Dauphiné,1704, 12mo.