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, elder brother of the preceding, was born at Bocton Malherb in Kent in 1703, and after being educated

, elder brother of the preceding, was born at Bocton Malherb in Kent in 1703, and after being educated at the king’s school at Canterbury, was admitted a pensioner of Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, under the tuition of Mr. Denne, July 4, 1720. He proceeded A. B. in 1723, and was pre-elected fellow soon after; but an offer being made him, in the mean time, of a fellowship in St. John’s college, by the bishop of Ely, he chose rather to accept of that than to wait for a vacancy in the other. He commenced A. M. in 1727. became moderator of the university in 1730, one of their taxors the year following, and after distinguishing himself fop his skill in the Hebrew language, was recommended to the right honourable Horatio Walpoie, whom he attended as chaplain in his embassy to Paris. After his return home he became possessed of the rectory of St. Paul’s, Deptford, June 23, 1731. He died in 1775. He published, 1. “An address to his parishioners on the Rebellion in 1745.” 2. “Infidelity scourged, or Christianity vindicated against Chubb, &c.1746, 8vo. 3. “An essay towards a rationale of the literal doctrine of Original Sin, &c.” occasioned by some of Dr. Middleton’s writings, 1752, 8vo. 4. “A second edition of the Rationale, &c.1766, in the preface to which, he laments that “it was his hard fate, in his younger years, to serve one of our ambassadors as his chaplain at a foreign court.” He published also a few occasional sermons