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, second son of the preceding, was born in Worcestershire about 1561, and admitted of Corpus-C

, second son of the preceding, was born in Worcestershire about 1561, and admitted of Corpus-Christi-college, Oxford, at sixteen, under the celebrated Hooker. After taking his degree of B. A. he was made probationer-fellow in 1579, and was collated in 15S1 to a prebend in the church of York. He then completed his degree of M. A. and travelled into foreign countries, and at his return was esteemed for learning, virtue, and prudence. He appears afterwards to have studied the law. While he was at Paris, he drew up a tract, under the title of “Europae Speculum,” which he finished in 15b>9; an imperfect copy of which was published without the author’s name or consent, in 1605, and was soon followed by another impression. But the author, after he had used all means to suppress these erroneous copies, and to punish the printers of them, at length caused a true copy to be published, a little before his death, in 1629, 4to, under this title “Europae Speculum or a- view or survey of the state of religion in the western parts of the world. Wherein the Romane religion, and the pregnant policies of the church of Rome to support the same, are notably displayed; with some other memorable discoveries and memorations. Never before till now published according to the author’s original copie. Muituin diuque desideratum.” Hagae Comitis, 1629. To this edition was a preface, which has been omitted in the latter editions though some passages of it were printed in that of 1637, 4to. It was also reprinted in 1673, and translated both into Italian and French,