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, nephew of the preceding, was born the 15th of March 1674, at Bariers, a city of Lower Languedoc,

, nephew of the preceding, was born the 15th of March 1674, at Bariers, a city of Lower Languedoc, in France. He went to Lausanne in 1686, with his father: and, in 1697, was at Berlin, where he taught philosophy at the French college. At the desire of his father, he applied himself at first to divinity, but afterwards quitted it, and gave himself up to the study of the law, especially that of nature and nations. In 1710 he was invited to Lausanne, to accept of the new professorship of law and history, which the magistrates of Bern had instituted, and he enjoyed it for seven years, during which time he was thrice rector. In 1713, he was elected a member of the royal society of sciences at Berlin and in 1717, chosen professor of public and private law at Groningen. He translated into French the two celebrated works of Puffendorf, his “Law of nature and nations,” and his “Duties of a man and citizen” he wrote excellent notes to both these performances, and to the former he gives an introductory preface. He translated also the two discourses of Mr. Noodt, concerning the power of a sovereign and liberty of conscience, and Tillotson’s sermons, in 6 vols. 8vo, 1709, &c. The piece entitled “Traite de jeu,” printed at Amsterdam, in 1709, is also of his composition and the following “Traite sur la morale des peres,1728, 4to. This was written against Mr. Ceillier, who had attacked what Barbeyrac had said upon that subject in his Preface to Puffendorf, “A translation, with notes, of a treatise of M. Bynckershoek,1723. 2. “La defence du droit de la compagnie Hollandoise des Indes Orientales, contre les nouvelles pretensions des habitans des Pais Bas Autrichiens, &c.1725; b.esides several critical and Ute^ tary remarks, inserted in different journals, and some academical discourses published at Geneva, Lausanne, and Amsterdam. He published also in 1724, a translation into French of Grotius’s treatise, “De jure belli ac pacis,” with large and excellent notes. He died in 1744.