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whom Granger, by mistake, calls Dr. Lupton, was one of the earliest

, whom Granger, by mistake, calls Dr. Lupton, was one of the earliest publishers of biographical collections in English, but with his own history we are almost totally unacquainted. We can only gather from one of his dedications that he had served in the army several years, and from the contents of his two principal publications, that he was a man of piety, and an admirer of the characters of those eminent fathers and divines who made the greatest figure in the church from the earliest periods to the reformation. The first of these is entitled “The History of the Moderne Protestant Divines, &c. faithfully translated out of Latin,” Lond. 1637, a small 12mo. This is dedicated to sir Paul Pindar, sir John Wolstenholme, sir Abraham Dawes, sir John Jacob, “farmers of the custom-house.” It contains twenty-two foreign lives, and twenty-three English, translated from Holland’s “Heroologia, and Verheiden’s” Effigies,“with each an engraved head dopied, in small, from those in Holland and Verheiden. Mr. Churton has made particular mention of this curious and very scarce volume in the preface to his elaborate life of dean Newell, and an account has since been published in the Bibliographer. The other biographical collection said to be by Lupton is a 4to volume, entitled” The Glory of their Times, or the Lives of the Primitive Fathers,“&c. London, printed by J. Okes, 1640. This contains forty four lives, with heads of the same scale as. the other, but of less value, as being mostly imaginary. We know not on what authority this work is attributed to Lupton, >as there is no mention of his name in any part of the copy now before us, and the preface, or address to the reader, is signed Typographies. From internal evidence, however, we should be inclined to think it was his compilation. Lupton’s other productions werte,” London and the countrey carbonadoed and quartered into several chafacters,“1632, 8vo” ObjectorUm reductio; or daily employment for the soule,“1634, 8vo” Emblems of Rarities; or choice Observations out of worthy Histories, &c.“1636, l&tTio; and” England’s command of the Seas; or the English Seas guarded," 1653, 12mo.