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Phaʹraoh (2 syl.)


The king. It is the Coptic article P and the word ouro (king). There are eleven of this title mentioned in Holy Scripture:—

i. Before Solomon’s time.

(1) The Pharaoh contemporary with Abraham (Gen. xii. 25).

(2) The good Pharaoh who advanced Joseph (Gen. xli.).

(3) The Pharaoh who “knew not Joseph” (Exod. i. 8).

(4) The Pharaoh who was drowned in the Red Sea (Exod. xiv. 28); said to be Menephthes or Meneptah, son of Ramʹeses II.

(5) The Pharaoh that protected Hadad (1 Kings xi. 19).

(6) The Pharaoh whose daughter Solomon married (1 Kings iii. 1; ix. 16).

ii. After Solomon’s time.

(7) Pharaoh Shishak, who warred against Rehoboʹam (1. Kings xiv. 25 26).

(8) Pharaoh Shabakok, or “So,” with whom Hoshea made an alliance (2 Kings xvii. 4).

(9) The Pharaoh that made a league with Hezekiʹah against Sennacherib, called Tirhākah (2 Kings xviii. 21; xix. 9).

(10) Pharaoh Necho, who warred against Josiʹah (2 Kings xxiii. 29, etc.).

(11) Pharaoh Hophra, the ally of Zedekiʹah (Jer. xliv. 30); said to be Apries, who was strangled B.C. 570. (See King.)

⁂ After Solomon’s time the titular word Pharaoh is joined to a proper name.

iii. Other Pharaohs of historic note.

(1) Cheops or Suphis I. (Dynasty IV.), who built the great pyramid.

(2) Cephrenes or Suphis II., his brother, who built the second pyramid.

(3) Mencheres, his successor, who built the most beautiful pyramid of the three.

(4) Memnon or A-menophis III. (Dynasty XVIII.), whose musical statue is so celebrated.

(5) Sethos I., the Great (Dynasty XIX.), whose tomb was discovered by Belzoni.

(6) Sethos II., called Proteus (Dynasty XIX.), who detained Helen and Paris in Egypt.

(7) Phuõris or Thuõris, who sent aid to Priam in the siege of Troy.

(8) Rampsinītus or Rameses Nēter, the miser (Dynasty XX.), mentioned by Herodŏtos.

(9) Osorthon IV. or Osorkon (Dynasty XXIII.), the Egyptian Hercules.

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Entry taken from Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, edited by the Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. and revised in 1895.

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