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Kings and princes so called:—

Edward the Martyr (961, 975–978).

Edward the Confessor (1004, 1042–1066).

Eric IX. of Sweden (*, 1155–1161).

Ethelred I., King of Wessex (*, 866–871).

Eugenius I., pope (*, 654–657).

Felix I., pope (*, 269–274).

Ferdinand III. of Castile and Leon (1200, 1217–1252).

Julius I., pope (*, 337–352).

Kâng-he, second of the Manchoo dynasty of China, who assumed the name of Chin-tsou-jin (1661–1722).

Lawrence Justiniaʹni, Patriarch of Venice (1380, 1451–1465).

Leo IX., pope (1002, 1049–1054).

Louis IX. of France (1215, 1226–1270).

Olaus II. of Norway, brother of Harald III., called “St. Olaf the Double Beard” (984, 1026–1030).

Stephen I. of Hungary (979, 997–1038).

Dom Fernando, son of King John of Portugal, was, with his brother Henry, taken prisoner by the Moors at the siege of Tangier. The Portuguese general promised to give Ceuta for their ransom, and left Fernando in prison as their surety. The Portuguese government refused to ratify the condition, and Fernando was left in the hands of the Moors till he died. For this patriotic act he is regarded as a saint, and his day is June 5th. His brother Edward was king at the time. (1402–1443.)

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Entry taken from Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, edited by the Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D. and revised in 1895.

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