Pacheco, Francis

, a Spanish artist, supposed to have been born in 1571, at Seville, is said by Mr. Fuseli, to owe his reputation more to theory, writing, and the celebrity of his scholars Cano and Velazquez, than to the superiority of his works. He was a pupil of Luis | Feniandez, but, though partial to the great style, does not appear to have studied it in Italy. With sufficient correctness of outline, judgment in composition, dignity of characters, propriety of costume, observance of chiaroscuro and perspective, Pacheco displeases by want of colour, timidity of execution, and dryness of style. Seville possesses the best of his historic performances; of his numerous portraits, those of his wife and Miguel de Cervantes were the most praised. He possesses considerable erudition, and there is much wit and humour in his epigrams. He died in 1654. Of his works we know only one, entitled “Arte de la Pintura, su antiguedad y grandezas,Seville, 1649, 4to. 1


Pilkington, by Fuseli.