Papenbroch, Daniel

, a native of Antwerp, was born in 1628, and was educated as a Jesuit. He has already been mentioned in our account of Holland us, as the coadjutor of that writer in the compilation of the “Acta Sanctorum.” He died in 1714, in the seventy-eighth year of his age. He was, according to Dupin, less credulous than Bollandus, and became involved in a controversy with the Carmelites respecting the origin of their order. There is little else interesting in his history; but in addition to the account given in our article Bollandus, of the “Acta Sanctorum,” we may now mention that the work has been continued to the fifty-third volume, folio, which appeared in 1794, but is yet imperfect, as it comes only to October 14th. Brunet informs us that there are very few perfect copies to be found in France, some of the latter volumes being destroyed during the revolutionary period. The reprint at Venice, 1734, 42 vols. is of less estimation. 1


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