, of the Air or Atmosphere. Authors divide the atmosphere into three stages, called the upper, middle, and lower Regions.—The lowest Region is that in which we breathe, and is bounded by the reflexion of the sun's rays, that is, by the height to which they rebound from the earth.—The middle Region is that in which the clouds reside, and where meteors are formed, &c; extending from the extremity of the lowest, to the tops of the highest mountains.— The upper Region commences from the tops of the mountains, and reaches to the utmost limits of the atmosphere. In this Region there probably reigns a perpetual equable calmness, clearness, and serenity.

Elementary Region, according to the Aristotelians, is a sphere terminated by the concavity of the moon's orb, comprehending the earth's atmosphere.

Ethereal Region, is the whole extent of the universe, comprising all the heavens with the orbs of the fixed stars and other celestial bodies.


, in Geography, a country or particular division of the earth, or a tract of land inhabited by people of the same nation.

Regions of the Moon. Modern astronomers divide the moon into several Regions, or provinces, to each of which they give its proper name.

Regions of the Sea, are the two parts into which the whole depth of the sea is conceived to be divided. The upper of these extends from the surface of the water, down as low as the rays of the sun can pierce, and extend their influence; and the lower Region extends from thence to the bottom of the sea.

Subterranean Regions. These are three, into which the earth is divided, at different depths below the surface, according to different degrees of cold or warmth; and it is imagined that the 2d or middlemost of these Regions is the coldest of the three.

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Entry taken from A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, by Charles Hutton, 1796.

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