Adriani, Marcel

, son of the preceding, born in 1533, was so distinguished for his studies, as to obtain, when very young, the professorship of rhetoric which his father held in the university of Florence. So our authority; but there seems to be some mistake in this date, as he could not be very young when he succeeded his father as professor of rhetoric, if his father filled that chair for the space of thirty years. He was, however, a member of the academy of Florence, and published his father’s history. His own works are, 1. An Italian translation of “Demetrius Phalereus” on eloquence, which he left in manuscript, and which was not published until 1738, by Antony Francis Gori, who prefixed a long account of the life and writings of the translator; 2. Two Lectures on the “Education of the Florentine Nobility,” printed in the “Prose Fiorentine,” vol. IV. He also translated Plutarch’s Morals, not yet published, but much commended by Ammirato and | others. There are two copies in the Laurentian library; Adrian died in 1604. 1


Gen. Dict.—Biographie Universelle.