Aelst, William Van, Called In Italy Gulielmo

, was the nephew and disciple of the preceding, born at Delft in 1620, and arrived at a much higher degree of perfection than his instructor. In his youth he went to France, and exercised his art there for four years, and afterwards to Rome, where he resided for seven years; and in both places was encouraged by the patronage of persons of the first distinction. In 1656, he returned to his own country, and settled at Amsterdam, where his pictures were highly valued, and sold at a very great price. Some of them are still in the collections of the amateurs of that city. Van Aelst knew his own merit, and would not submit to disrespect. On one occasion when a burgomaster of Amsterdam gave him a very haughty answer in a matter of some importance to him, he opened his breast and shewed him a gold chain and medal which the grand duke of Tuscany had given him, adding, “You came into the world with a sack of money, that is all your merit as to mine, it is in my talents.” Like his uncle he employed himself chiefly on still life, and his pencil was so light, and his touch so delicate, that the objects he painted seemed real. He died in 1679. 3