Æmilius, Anthony

, professor of history in the university of Utrecht, was born Dec. 20, 1589, at Aix-laChapelle, whither his father John Meles (Latinized by his son into Æmilius) had fled on account of his attachment to the Protestant religion. He studied first at Aix-la-Chapelle, and afterwards at Juliers under Kunius, and at Dort under Adrian Marcellus, and Gerard Vossius. At Leyden, he attended the lectures of Baudius, and spent four years in visiting the foreign universities. On his return, in 1615, he succeeded Vossius as rector of the college at Dort. At Utrecht he was, some years after, appointed professor of history; the subjects of the lectures which he gave for above twenty-six years, were taken from Tacitus. He was a firm supporter of the Cartesian philosophy, and refused to have any hand in the proceedings of the university of Utrecht against Des Cartes. He died Nov. 10, 1660. His only publication was a “Collection of Latin Orations and Poems,1651, 12mo. 2


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