Alvarez, Emanuel

, a celebrated Portuguese grammarian, was born in the island of Madeira on the 4th of June 1526. Having entered into the society of the Jesuits, he distinguished himself by his probity and his prudence, and became rector of the colleges of Coimbra, Evora, and | Lisbon. He was well acquainted with polite literature; and for many years applied himself to the instruction of youth in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, He died at the college of Evora on the 30th of December 1582. His Latin grammar is much esteemed; it is entitled, “De Institudone Grammatica,” and has had many editions; the first, Lisbon, 1572, 4to. Kess, Ricardi, and Tursellinus have published abridgments of it. His work “Demensuris, ponderibus ct numeris,” is in less esteem. 1


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