Amico, Bartholomew

, a learned Jesuit, born atf Anzo in Lucania in 1562, was professor of philosophy and theology in the college at Naples, and its president for some years. He died in 1649. His fame, as far as he can now be allowed a share, rests principally on a voluminous work on the writings of Aristotle, entitled “In universam Aristotelis philosophiam notae et disputationes, quibus illustriuna scholarum, Averrois, D. Thomae, Scoti, et Nominaliurn sententiae expenduntur, earumque tueudarum probabiles modi afferuntur,” 7 vols. fol. 1623 1648. He wrote other works, of which a catalogue is given by Alegambe, Bibl. Script. Soc. Jesu. 1


Biog. Universelle.