Amort, Eusebius

, a canon regular of the order of St. Augustine, distinguished himself in Bavaria by the | mimher and value of his writings, although many of them are on subjects that will not now be thought interesting. He was esteemed a wise and modest man, but rather singular in some points. He published, among other works, “Philosophia Pollingana,Augsburg, 1730, fol. at the end of which is an extraordinary attempt to deny the earth’s motion; “A theological history of Indulgences,” fol.; a supplement to “Pontas’s Dictionary of cases of Con-­science;” “Rules from holy scripture, councils, and the fathers, respecting revelations, apparitions, and visions,” 2 vols. 1744, 4to; “A dissertation on the author of The Imitation of Jesus Christ, usually attributed to Thomas a Kempis.” All these works, of which, except the first, we have not been able to recover the exact titles, were written in Latin. Amort died Nov. 25, 1775, at the age of eightytwo. 1


Dict. Hist. Biog. Universelle.