Events noted in 1730

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1725 1735


“Thesaurus Antiquitatum Siciliæ.” Aa, Peter Vander an eminent bookseller (16591733)

“De Sectarum in medicina noxia instauratione,” Alberti, Michael physician

“Philosophia Pollingana,” Amort, Eusebius a canon regular of the order of St

“Description des principales pierres gravees du cabinet du due d'Orleans,” Arnaud, Francis writer

“Lectionum Grsecarum libriduo, &c.” Arnaud, George D' critic (17111740)

“La vera idea della Medicina,” Arrivabene, Hyppolito a descendant of the same family

“Vindicise librorum deutero-canonicorum veteris Testamenti,” Barre, Joseph a canon regular of St

Born: Basire, James engraver

“Museum Sinicum, in quo Sinicae Linguae et Literaturae ratio explicatur; item grammatica, lexicon, et diatribae Sinicce reperiuntur,” Bayer, Theophilus Siegfrid was born in 1694

Born: Beausobre, Lewis perhaps of the same family with the preceding

Died: Beckingham, Charles writer

Died: Becquet, Anthony a native of Paris

“L'Elenia,” Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

“Dialogues critiques et philosophiques, par D. Charte-Livry (J.F.Bernard),” Bernard, John Frederic an industrious and learned bookseller of Amsterdam

“the management of Ships;” Bernoulli, John mathematician

Born: Berry, William artist

Born: Bezout, Stephen mathematician

“Riposo” Biscioni, Anthony Maria scholar

Born: Bode, John Joachim Christopher a bookseller at Hamburgh

“Bellini de urinis et pulsibus,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“Remarks upon Butler’s 6th chapter of the Analogy of Religion, &c. concerning Necessity,” Bott, Thomas clergyman

Born: Boyle, Hamilton earl of Cork and Orrery

Died: Boyse, Samuel and whose life affords an excellent moral (?–1749)

Died: Brossard, Sebastian De musician

Born: Bruce, James traveller

“Theatre des Grecs, contenant des traductions ct analyses des tragedies Grecques, des discours et des remarques concernant la theatre Grec, &c.” Brumoy, Peter writer

“Critique desinteressee des journaux litteraires,” Bruys, Francis born at Serrieres in the Maconnois in 1708

“Reflexions en forme de lettres adressees au prochain synod qui doit s’assembler a la Haye, sur l'affaire de M. Saurin, et sur celle de M. Maty,” Bruys, Francis born at Serrieres in the Maconnois in 1708

Born: Burke, Edmund was one of the most distinguished politicians and political writers of the last century

“Dictionnaire historique, critique, et chronologique de la Bible.” Calmet, Augustine Benedictine

“Theatre à l'usage des colleges,” Cerceau, John Antony Du Jesuit

Born: Chabanon, De writer

Died: Chamillard, Stephen antiquary

Born: Christie, William was born near Montrose in 1730

Born: Cirillo, Dominick nephew to Nicolas Cirillo

“On Curves of a Double Curvature,” Clairault, Alexis Claude mathematician

“Leges Walliae Ecclesiastical,” Clarke, William antiquary

Born: Clarke, Edward was born at Btixted

“The Specnlatist,” Concanen, Matthew writer

“The Antiquities of Harwich and Dover Court,” Dale, Samuel antiquary

“Miscellanea Analytica, de Seriebus & Quadraturis, &c.” Demoivre, Abraham mathematician

Born: Didot, Francis Ambrose an eminent French printer

Died: Dodart, Denis doctor regent of the faculty of medicine at Paris

“Pomet’s History of Drugs,” Dodart, Denis doctor regent of the faculty of medicine at Paris

Born: Doolittle, Thomas an eminent nonconformist

“A description of the peritoneum, and of that part of the membrana cellularis which lies on its outside,” Douglas, James physician

Born: Duncombe, John was born 1730

Died: Eccard, John George antiquary

“Leges Francorum et Hipuariorum,” Eccard, John George antiquary

Died: Echard, Laurence clergyman

Born: Evans, Evan divine

Died: Evans, John divine (16801730)

Born: Falconer, William poet

“Of eruptive fevers, measles, and small-pox,” Fuller, Thomas physician

“L‘Operation de la Taille par l’appareil lateral corrigee de tous ses defauts,” Garengeot, Rp.Ne Jamf.S Croissant De an eminent French surgeon

Born: Gesner or

“Law of Devises, last Wills, and Revocations,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Alamaniae Scriptores,” Goldast, Melchior Haiminsfeld writer

“Les Vies des Saints,” Goujet, Claude Peter a canon of St

“Maximes de Balthasar Gracian, avee des Reponsesaux Critiques de L'Homme Universe!,” Gracian, Baltasar Jesuit

Born: Gronovius, Laurence Theodore was born at Ley den in 1730

Born: Hamilton, Sir William a gentleman of great eminence in the literary and political world

Died: Haym, Nicolas Francis a native of Rome

Born: Hervey, Frederick and fourth earl of Bristol

“The Siege of Damascus.” Hoadly, John LL. D. the youngest son of Dr

Born: Horne, George bishop

Born: Hudson, William one of the earliest Linniean botanists in England

Born: Huerta, Vincent Garica De La critic

Died: Hunauld, Francis Joseph anatomist

Born: Jackson, William composer

Died: Janicon, Francis Michael writer

Died: Jarry, Laurence Juillard Du poet

“Art of Dancing,” Jenyns, Soame writer

Born: Johnstone, James physician

“Conspectus Chemiae Theoretico-practicac in forma Tabularum repraesentatus, &c. Tomus prior,” Juncker, Gottlob John physician

Born: Ingenhouz, John physician

“Epistola ad Kappium de Soc. Ant. Lond.” Kortholt, Christian was born in 1709

“De recta patrum Nicenorum fide Dissertatio,” Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

Died: Lanzoni, Joseph physician

“Paralele des differentes manieres de tirer la Pierre hors de la Vessie,” Le Dran, Henry Francis an eminent French surgeon

“Of Charles V.” Leti, Gregory writer

Born: Mallet, Paul Henry antiquary

“A treatise on Tropes,” Marsais, Cæsar Chesneau Du a French grammarian of high reputation

“Sermons on several occasions” Marshall, Nathanael a celebrated preacher at the beginning of the last century

Died: Marsigli, Lewis Ferdinand an Italian

“An Explication of several difficult Texts of Scripture,” Martin, James Benedictine

“Traites geographiques et historiques pour faciliter l‘intelligence de l’Ecriture Sainte, par divers auteurs celebres, M. M. Huet et Le Grand, D. Calmet, &c. &c.” Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

“Histoire des Insectes de PEurope et de PAmerique,” Merian, Maria Sibylla a lady much and justly ceJebrated for her skill in drawing insects

Born: Moore, John writer

Born: Mores, Edward-Rowe antiquary

Died: Palfin, John a surgeon of eminence

Died: Parker, Samuel a man of some learning

Born: Pulteney, Richard botanist

Born: Requeno, Vlncente Jesuit

Born: Risco, Manuel a learned Spanish ecclesiastic of the Augustine order

Born: Rive, John Joseph writer

Died: Rosen, Nicholas physician

Born: Sanchez, Thomas Anthony a learned Spaniard

Born: Sarti, Joseph a sweet

Died: Saurin, James a very celebrated preacher

Born: Scott, John poet

“Lettres sur la Choix des Saignees,” Senac, John physician

“A Dissertation on Tea,” Short, Thomas physician

“Reflexion politique,” Silhouette, Stephen De writer

Died: Spener, Philip James divine

“A fair state of the Controversy between Mr. Woolston: his adversaries containing the substance of what he asserts in his discourses against the literal sense of our blessed Saviour’s miracles; and what Bp. Gibson, Bp. Chandler, Bp. Smalbroke, Bp. Sherlock, Dr. Pearce, Mr. Ray, Mr. Lardner, Mr. Chandler, &c. have advanced against him,” Stackhouse, Thomas divine

Died: Stanhope, George dean

“A posthumous work, being a translation from the Greek devotions of Dr, Lancelot Andrews,” Stanhope, George dean

Died: Sturt, John engraver

Born: Suworrow or

“History of Harwich” Taylor, Silas antiquary

“Autumn,” Thomson, James poet

Born: Tyrwhitt, Thomas one of the most eminent scholars and critics of the last century

Died: Valincour, John Baptist Du Trousset De writer

“Pieces fugitives sur I'Eucharistie,” Varignon, Peter mathematician

Died: Verney, Guichard Joseph Du anatomist

“The case of the Hes^ sian troops in the pay of Great Britain,” Walpole, Sir Robert earl of Orford

“Scripture vindicated, in answer to Christianity as old as the Creation,” Waterland, Daniel divine

Born: Watson, Robert historian

“Two discourses; the first concerning the nature of error in doctrines merely speculative, shewing that the belief of such doctrines may be required of us as necessary terms of salvation; wherein also the case of positive institutions is considered: the second, shewing that the doctrine of the Trinity is not merely speculative. In answer to the arguments of Mr. Sykes and Mr. Chubb; with a preface, containing some remarks on the present times, particularly in relation to the Clergy.” Webster, William divine

Born: Wedgwood, Josiah an ingenious improver of the English pottery manufacture

“A collection of authentic Records belonging to the Old and New Testament,” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Born: Zollikofer, George Joachim divine


Died: Aikman, William painter

Born: Aiton, William botanist

Born: Anquetil-Duperron, Abraham Hyacinth was born at Paris

Died: Astell, Mary a learned and ingenious lady

Died: Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

“La Confession de Sancy;” Aubigne, Theodore Agrippa D' a very celebrated French Protestant

Born: Azara, Don Joseph Nicolas D' statesman

“Memorabilia Hist. Ecclesiasticoe recentioris,” Bebele, Balthazar divine

“Le Bombardier Francoise,” Belidor, Bernard Forest De a member of the academies of sciences of Paris and Berlin

“Notitia Nov. Test. Grrcc. recte cauteque adornati,” Bengel, John Albert divine

“Epistola de Bibliothecis Dresdensibus, turn, publicis turn privatis,” Beyer, Augustus a German Protestant minister

“Osservazioni intorno una sezione anatomica,” Bianchi, John naturalist

“Parere sopra la cagione della morte della sig. contessa Cornelia Zangari, esposto in una lettera,” Bianchini, Joseph priest of the oratory of St

“Disputatio de natura et legibus studii in theologica Thetici,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“Disputatio de cuku Dei rationali,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

Born: Bjoernstahl, James Jonas traveller

Died: Bisse, Thomas divine

“The accomplished Preacher; or, an essay upon divine eloquence,” Blackmore, Sir Richard physician

“Aretaeus de causis signisque morborum,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Borgia, Stephen cardinal

Died: Bottoni, Dominic the son of Nicholas Bottom

“Refutation des Erreurs de Beioit de Spinosa, par M. de Fenelon, archeveque de Cambay, par le Pere Lauri Benedictin, et par M. Le Comte de Bulainvilliers, avec la Vie de Spinosa, ecrite par Jean COerus, minister de l‘Eglise Lutherienne de la Haye, augnsntée de beaucoup de particularites tirees d’une vie manucrite de ce philosophe, fait par un de ses amis,” Boulainvilliers, Henry De comte de St

“Bibliotheque choisie de M. Colomies,” Bourdelot, Peter Bonnet physician

Died: Boydell, John a liberal patron of the arts

Died: Bradford, Samuel bishop

Died: Brun, John Baptiste Le known also by the name of Desmarettes

Born: Calvert, Frederick Lord Baltimore

“Sicilian Populorum et Urbium, Regum quoque et Tyrannorum veteres nummi Saracenorum epocham antecedentes,” Castello, Gabriel Lancelot antiquary

Born: Cavendish, Hon. Henry son of lord Charles Cavendish

“History of the Inquisition,” Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

“Memoirs of -Richard Gwinnett and Mrs. Thomas,” Chudleigh, Lady Mary who had the character of a very philosophic and poetic lady

“Bibliotheca Scriptorum ad annum 1383,” Ciaconius, Alphonsus a Spanish author of considerable celebrity

“Bibliotheque Choisie;” Colomies, Paul a learned French protestant

Died: Corte, Gotlieb professor of law at Leipsic

Born: Cowper, William poet

“Opuscula” Danes, Peter born in 1497

Born: Darwin, Erasmus physician

Died: Davies, John critic

“A Defence of the Churches right in Leasehold Estates. In answer to a book called ‘An Inquiry into the customary estates and TenantRights of those who hold lands of the Church and other Foundations,’ published under the name of Everard Fleetwood, esq.” Derham, William divine

“Recueil de pieces d'histoire et de litterature,” Desmolets, Peter Nicolas librarian of the house of the oratory in the rue St

“Thucydides,” Duker, Charles Andrew an eminent classical editor

Born: Duncan, Adam, Lord Viscount an illustrious naval officer

Born: Dunning, John Lord Ashburton

Born: Evanson, Edward one of the most determined opponents of revealed religion in modern times (?–1805)

“Exercitationes in duas priores Ciceronis orationes,” Facciolati, James orator

“Animadversiones Critics; in I. Litteram Latini Lexici cui titulus Magnum Dictionarium Latino Gallicum,” Facciolati, James orator

“A Danish translation of the fourteenth satire of Juvenal,” Falster, Christian critic (16901752)

Born: Foster, John scholar

“Several Dissertations, printed in the Memoirs of the Academy of Inscriptions,” Fourmont, Stephen professor of the Arabic and Chinese languages at Paris

“Introductio, &c.; or the art of right thinking, assisted and improved by such notions as men of sense and experience have left us in their writings, in order to eradicate error, and plant knowledge,” Fuller, Thomas physician

“The Reasonableness of Church and College Fines asserted, and the Rights which Churches and Colleges have in their Estates defended,” Gally, Henry divine

Died: Gastaud, Francis divine

Died: Geoffroi, Stephen Francis physician

“Treatise on the doctrine of the Trinity,” Gill, John divine

“Museum Florentinum,” Gorio, Anthony Francis antiquary

“Madicinae Compendium,” Gorter, John De physician

“Reflexions politiques sur les plus grands princes, et particulierement sur Ferdinand le Catholique,” Gracian, Baltasar Jesuit

Born: Grose, Francis antiquary

“De initio metropoleos ecclesiasticae Coloniae, &c. disquisitio,” Hartzheim, Joseph Jesuit

Born: Hinchliffe, John prelate

“Le monde fou, prefere au monde sage,” Huber, Mary a voluminous female author

“Le Systeme des Theologiens anciens et modernes, sur l'etat des Ames separees des corps,” Huber, Mary a voluminous female author

“Suite du meme ouvrage, servant de reponse a M. Ruchat,” Huber, Mary a voluminous female author

Died: Hubner, John a native of Lusatia

Died: Huldrich, John James divine

Died: Jablonski, Theodore and born at Dantzic in 1654

“An Essay on Moral Obligation, with a view towards settling the controversy concerning moral and positive duties,” Johnson, Thomas scholar

Born: Julien, Peter an eminent French sculptor

Born: King, John Glen antiquary

Died: Lang, John Michael divine

“Observations de Chirurgie, auxquelles on a joint plusieurs reflections en faveur des Etudiens,” Le Dran, Henry Francis an eminent French surgeon

“History of the Wars of the Hussites,” Lenfant, James writer

“Humfredi Lhwyd, Armigeri, Britannicie Descriptionis Comrnentariolum: necnon de Monfi Insula, & Britannica Arce sive Armamentario Romano Disceptatio Epistolaris. Accedunt^raa Cambro-Britannicae. Accurante Mose Gulielmo, A.M. R. S. Soc.” Lhuyd, Humphrey antiquary

“The faithless wife of the librarian Norrelius lived at this time in Rudbeck’s bouse, and by her Linnæus was made so odious to his patroness, that he could no longer stay there.” Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

“An Abridgement of the Universal History,” Lisle, Claude De historiographer and censor royal

“Treatise of the Small-pox,” Lobb, Theophilus physician

Died: Marck, John De divine

“The Abridgment of Father Jouvenci'a Mythology,” Marsais, Cæsar Chesneau Du a French grammarian of high reputation

“Introduction generate a l'etude des Sciences et des Belles Lettres, en faveur des pefsonnes qui ne savent que le Frangois,” Martiniere, Anthony-Augustin Bruzen De La a French author of considerable celebrity about the beginning of the last century

“A letter to him, containing some remarks on it, together with the sketch, or plan, of another answer to TindaPs book,” Middleton, Conyers divine

“A Defence of the Letter to Dr. Waterland against the false and frivolous Cavils of the Author of the Reply,” Middleton, Conyers divine

“The Highland Fair, ballad opera,” Mitchell, Joseph was the son of a stone-cutter in North-Britain

“Account of Jersey,” Morant, Philip antiquary

“Bibliotheque de Richelet.” Moreri, Lewis divine (?–1680)

“Tentamina Experinientorurn naturalium, in academia del Cimento, ex Ital. in Lat. conversa,” Musschenbroeck, Peter De mathematician

“Britannia Depicta, &c.” Ogilby, John a very industrious adventurer in literary speculations

“Court tales, or a History of the Amours of the present Nobility,” Oldmixon, John ridiculed in the Taller by the name of Mr

“New Memoirs of the Restoration of King Charles the Second (which may be considered also as an Appendix to secretary Thurloe’s Papers), containing the copies of Two Hundred and Forty-six Original Letters and Papers, all written annis 1658, 1659, and 1660 (none of them ever yet printed). The whole communicated by William Cowper, esq, Clerk of the Parliament.” Peck, Francis antiquary

Born: Pegge, Samuel was born in 1731

“Mem. de Literature et de l'Histoire,” Peiresc, Nicolas Claude Fabri De a very learned Frenchman

“The Theory of working Ships,” Pitot, Henry mathematician

Born: Pompei, Jerome poet

Born: Porteus, Beilby prelate

“Assembly’s Larger Catechism,” Ridgley, Thomas an eminent dissenter

Born: Rochefort, William De writer

“A Survey of the Roman Stations in England,” Salmon, Nathaniel antiquary

“Modern History, or Present State of all Nations,” Salmon, Nathaniel antiquary

“A Portable Laboratory,” Shaw, Peter physician

“Essays on Artificial Philosophy,” Shaw, Peter physician

Died: Snape, Andrew divine

“Experimenta et observationes Chemicae et Physicoe,” Stahl, George Ernest a very eminent German chemist

“Grubstreet verses, Bowman,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Specimen” Tull, Jethro a gentleman of an ancient family in Yorkshire

“De Cahiers de Matheraatiques, ou Elemens de iVlathematiques,” Varignon, Peter mathematician

“Waddingi Lucse Annales Minorum, seu historia trium ordinum a S. Francisco institutorurn, editio secunda, studio Jos. Mar. Fonseca,” Wadding, Luke an eminent Irish Roman catholic

Died: Ward, Edward poet


Born: Armstrong, John physician

Died: Atterbury, Lewis was born at Caldecot

Born: Bardin, John painter

“A Discourse of natural and revealed Religion, and the relation they bear to each other,” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

Born: Beaumarchais, Peter Augustin Caron De writer

Died: Berger, John Henry De lawyer

Died: Bertheau, Charles divine

“Chronicon Gottwicense, pars prima et secunda,” Bessel, Godfrey De a learned abbé of the convent of Benedictines of Gottvvich

Born: Betti, Zachary poet

“Bernardi Monetae (La Monnoye) epistola hactenus ineditae ad Michaelem Maittarium,” Beyer, Augustus a German Protestant minister

“Notae breves in Spinosae methodum. explicandi scripturas,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“De mysteriis Christianae fidei generatim spectatis sermo,” Bilfinger, George Bernard philosopher

“Abelard to Philotas.” Birch, Thomas writer

Born: Bitaube', Paul Jeremiah poet

Died: Boston, Thomas divine

Died: Boyle, John earl of Cork and Orrery

“A general history of the World, &c.” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

Born: Burnaby, Andrew archdeacon of Leicester and vicar of Greenwich

“History of his own Time;” Burnet, Thomas bishop

Died: Buxtorf, John nephew of the second Buxtorf

Died: Calamy, Edmund divine

Born: Caldwell, Andrew a literary gentleman of Ireland

Died: Camusat, Francis Dennis was born at Besanon

Born: Cappe, Newcome a dissenting minister of the Socinian persuasion

“Hanging and Marriage.” Carey, Henry composer

Born: Carver, Jonathan another unfortunate author in our own country

“Voyage” Chapelle, Claude Emanuel Lullier poet

Died: Chirac, Peter physician

“The Life of Cecil, Lord Burleigh,” Collins, Arthur antiquary

“Elementa universae matheseos,” Cramer, Gabriel mathematician

Born: Cumberland, Richard writer

“Revelation examined with candour,” Delany, Patkick a clergymnn of Ireland

“Articlesof inquiry for a parochial Visitation,” Denne, John antiquary

“The Muse in Livery; or, The Footman’s Miscellany,” Dodsley, Robert poet

Born: Dodson, Michael an English barrister

Died: Elliger, Ottomar was born at Hamburgh

Born: Eximeno, Anthony a Spanish ex-jesuit

Born: Fabroni, Angelo scholar

Died: Feuillee, Louis a Franciscan friar

Born: Fevre, John Baptist Le of Villebrune

“Delia Bolla d‘oro de’ Fanciulli nobili Romani,” Ficoroni, Francis a famous Roman medallist

Born: Fougeroux De Bondaroy, Augustus Dennis a learned Frenchman

Died: Fowler, Edward prelate

Born: Gærtner, Joseph botanist

Born: Garthshore, Maxwell physician

Died: Godefroi, John director of the chambre des comptes at Lisle

“Le Politique Dom. Ferdinand le Catholique,” Gracian, Baltasar Jesuit

Died: Grancolas, John a Parisian

“Reflections historical and politic,” Granville, George viscount Lansdowne

“A Letter to the author of the Reflections,” Granville, George viscount Lansdowne

Born: Hasted, Edward historian

Died: Horsley, John author of a very learned and excellent work

“Racines Hebraiques,” Houbigant, Charles Francis a pious and learned translator of the Hebrew Scriptures

Died: Huber, Zacharias son of the former

Born: Hulme, Nathaniel physician

Born: Jars, Gabriel a French mineralogist (?–1769)

Died: King, John rector of Chelsea

“An Essay on the Origin of Evil, by Dr. William King, late lord archbishop of Dublin: translated from the Latin, with Notes, and a Dissertation concerning the Principle and Criterion of Virtue, and the Origin of the Passions. The second edition. Corrected and enlarged from the author’s manuscripts. To which are added, two Sermons by the same author the former concerning Divine Prescience the latter on the Fall of Man.” King, Da. William archbishop

“Historical Account of the Heathen Gods.” King, Dn. William writer

Born: Lalande, Joseph Jerome Francis a very celebrated French astronomer

Born: Lanzi, Lewis antiquary

Died: Lowth, William divine

“La Ceremonia,” Maffei, Francis Scipio writer

“Verona Illustrata,” Maffei, Francis Scipio writer

“Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher,” Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

“Cymbalum mundi,” Marchand, Prospeu an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted

Born: Maskelyne, Nzvil mathematician

Died: Mencke, John Burcard was born at Leipsic

Born: Miller, Thomas a very worthy and intelligent bookseller

“Medical Essays and Observations by a Society at Edinburgh,” Monro, Alexander, M. D. anatomist

“Poems on Divine Subjects; original and translated from the Latin of Marcus Hieronymus Vida, with large annotations, more particularly concerning the being and attributes of God,” Morell, Thomas scholar

Born: Necker, James statesman

Died: Netscher, Theodore his son

Born: North, Frederic, Second Earl Of Guilford more familiarly known as Lord North

“The Scarborough Miscellany,” Oldys, William a bibliographer of great industry and accuracy

“A Dialogue between a member of the church of England and a Protestant Dissenter, concerning a repeal of the Test Act,” Perceval, John fifth baronet of the family

“Lettres contenant des Reflexions sur les Decouvertes faites sur les Yeux,” Petit, Francis Pourfour Du physician

“A Dissertation on the Eclipse mentioned by Phlegon; or, an Enquiry, whether that Eclipse had any relation to the Darkness which happened at our Saviour’s Passion,” Phlegon sirnamed Trallianus

“Histoire de M. Cleveland, fils naturel de Cromwell,” Prevot D' Exiles, Antony Francis was born at Hesdin (16971763)

Born: Rittenhouse, David mathematician

Born: Ryland, William Wynne engraver

Born: Sabatier, Raphael - Bienvenu a very eminent French surgeon

Born: Sandby, Paul artist

“Nouvelles classes des Maladies,” Sauvages, Francis Boissier De the inventor of modern nosology

Died: Stephens, Robert, Esq. antiquary

Born: Stevens, William a very worthy

Born: Thomas, Antony, Leonard a member of the French academy

Born: Thurlow, Edward Lord Thurlow

“Le Parnasse Francois,” Titon, Verard the projector of a French Parnassus

“Anacreon translated into Elegiacs,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Histoire metallique des dix-sept Provinces de Pays-Bas,” Van Effen, Justus a man of letters

Born: Walker, John author of some valuable and popular works on the English language

Born: Washington, George commander in chief of the armies

“Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Samuel Clarke;” Whiston, William divine (16671752)

“Elementa Matheseos Universse,” Wolfe, Christian baron of the Roman empire


“Sicilia sacra, disquisitionibus et notitiis illustrata,” Amico, Vito-Maria a nobleman of Catania in Sicily

“A Dialogue on Devotion,” Amory, Thomas a dissenting minister of considerable note

“Catalog! tres monachorum, episcoporum reformatorum, et virorum sanctitate illustrium e congregatione Casinensi,” Armellini, Mariano Benedictine

“Taste, an epistle to a young critic,” Armstrong, John physician

“Aurelius Victor,” Arntzenius, John philologist

Died: Aubert, Peter lawyer

Died: Audiffret, John Baptist a French geographer

“Reflections on the 12th query, contained in a paper, entitled Reasons offered against pushing for the repeal of the corporation and test-acts, and on the animadversions on the answer to it,” Barrington, John Shute first lord viscount Harrington (16781734)

“Tabulae Augustae, sive Imperatorum Romanorum, Augustorum, Csesarum, Tyrannorum, et illustrium virorum a Cn. Pompeio Magno ad Heraclium Aug. series chronologica. Ex historicis, nummis, et mannoribus collegit Beaupreius Bell, A.M. Cantabrigian, typis academicis 1734,” Bell, Beaupre antiquary

“Le Commedie di Terenzio tradotto in versi sciolti,” Bergalli, Louisa an Italian poetess

“A vindication of the Theory of Vision” Berkeley, George prelate

Born: Berkeley, George, Ll.D. Prebendary Of Canterbury by Anne

“Superstitions anciennes et modernes,” Bernard, John Frederic an industrious and learned bookseller of Amsterdam

“Reflections morales, satyriques et comiques,” Bernard, John Frederic an industrious and learned bookseller of Amsterdam

“A defence of some passages in the Historical Account.” Berriman, William divine

“De pœnis parvulorum qui sine baptismate decedunt,” Bessel, Godfrey De a learned abbé of the convent of Benedictines of Gottvvich

“Collana degli storici Greci,” Biancolini, John Baptist Joseph was born at Verona

“Pisonis de cognoscendis et curandis morbis,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

“Prosper Alpinus de presagienda vita et morte,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Borda, John Charles mathematician

“Explications de quelques marbres antiques,” Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

Died: Brown, James scholar

“Observations sur le manuel des Accouchments,” Bruhier, John James D' Ablaincourt physician

“Practical Arithmetic,” Champion, Joseph a celebrated English penman

“GeorgiL Cheynsei Tractatus de Infirmorum Sanitate tuenda, Vitaque producenda, libro ejusdern argument! Anglice edito longe auctior et limatior; huic accessit de natura fibrse ej usque laxae sive resolutae morbis tractatus mine primum editus.” Cheyne, George physician

Born: Colman, George an eminent dramatic author and manager

Died: Cooke, Thomas poet

Died: Coustou, Nicholas sculptor in ordinary to the French king

Born: Cullum, Sir John antiquary

Born: Darci

Died: Dennis, John poet

Died: Dippel, John Conrad an author famous for his extravagancies

Died: Duguet, James Joseph a learned priest of the oratory

Died: Dunton, John writer

Died: Ettmuller, Michael Ernest physician

Died: Felibien, John Francis succeeded his father in all his places

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“A Treatise on Opinion,” Gendre, Gilbert Charles Le marquis of St

Died: Gendre, Louis Le historian

Born: Gilpin, Sawrey artist

Died: Grierson, Constantly a very extraordinary woman

“Histoire des empires et des republiques,” Guyon, Marie-Claude historian

“Hemastaticks,” Hales, Stephen philosopher

Born: Hallifax, Samuel prelate

“Prologue” Hammond, James well remembered as a man esteemed and caressed by the elegant and great

Born: Haydn, Joseph composer

“Indices tres locupletissimi in Cyrilli opera,” Hearne, Thomas antiquary

“Oratio de Antiquitatibus Romanis per Africam repertis,” Hebenstreit, John Ernest physician

Died: Hermann, James mathematician

Died: Hoet, Gerard painter

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Born: Jackson, Joseph an ingenious letter-founder

Born: Kenyon, Lloyd, Lord lord chief justice of the King’s Bench

“Histoire des De*couvertes des Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde,” Lafitau, Joseph Francis writer

“A general Analysis, or Method of resolving Problems,” Lagny, Thomas Fantet De mathematician

Died: Lambert, Anne Therese, Marchioness De an ingenious French lady

“De recta Christianorum in eo quod mysterium divinse Trinitatis adtinet sententia libri sex,” Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

“A new essay on Muscular Motion, founded on Experiments, &c.” Langrish, Browne physician

“Letter on the Logos.” Lardner, Nathaniel clergyman

Born: Lloyd, Robert poet

Died: Longuerue, Lewis Dufour De son of Peter Dufour

“The Argument from prophecy, in proof that Jesus is the Messiah, vindicated, in some considerations on the prophecies cf the Old Testament, as the grounds and reasons of the Christian religion.” Lowman, Moses clergyman

Born: Macaulay, Catherine the name of her second husband

“Traiie physique et historique de l'Aurore Boreale,” Mairan, John James D'Ortous De philosopher

“Appendix” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

“The Present State of the Republic of Letters,” Maittaire, Michael an eminent classical editor

Died: Mandeville, Bernard De an author of temporary celebrity in the last century for his writings

Died: Molyneux, Thomas The preceding William Molyneux had also a brother

“Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John,” Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

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Died: North, Roger and sixth son of Dudley lord North

“The Accomplished Senator,” Oldisworth, William queen

Died: Orsi, John Joseph poet

“Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux, & de Man on Lescaut,” Prevot D' Exiles, Antony Francis was born at Hesdin (16971763)

“Pour & Contre,” Prevot D' Exiles, Antony Francis was born at Hesdin (16971763)

“The first volume of a translation ofThuanus,” Prevot D' Exiles, Antony Francis was born at Hesdin (16971763)

Born: Priestley, Joseph divine (17331804)

Born: Ramsay, James justly celebrated for his philanthropy

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“Literary History of France.” Rivet De La Grange, Anthony but descended from a catholic branch

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“Natural History of the Mineral Waters of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Derbyshire,” Short, Thomas physician

Died: Stock, Christian scholar

“Historia Insectorum generalis; adjicitur dilucidatio, qua specialia cujusvis ordinis exempla figuris accuratissime, tarn naturali magnitudine, quam ope microscopii aucta, illustrantur,” Swammerdam, John anatomist

Died: Tindal, Dr. Matthew writer

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“An Essay on Horse-hoeing Husbandry,” Tull, Jethro a gentleman of an ancient family in Yorkshire

Born: Wedderbuhn, Alexander earl of Rosslyn

“State Dunces,” Whitehead, Paul poet

Born: Wieland, Christopher Martin writer (?–1813)


Born: Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

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Died: Angelis, Peter painter

Died: Arbuckle, James, A.M. was born in Glasgow

Died: Arbuthnot, Dr. John physician

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Born: Arntzenius, John Henry son of John Arntzenius

Died: Babin, Francis a native of Angers

Died: Barret, George painter

Born: Barthes De Marmorions, Paul Joseph physician

“Historia Osrhoena et Edessena ex nummis illustrata, in qua Edessae urbis, Osrhoeni regni, Abgarorum regum, &c. fata explicantur,” Bayer, Theophilus Siegfrid was born in 1694

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Died: Bernier, Nicholas composer

Born: Besplas, Joseph Mary Anne Gros De doctor of the Sorbonne

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Died: Bluteau, Dom Raphael a Theatine

Born: Booth, Abraham a pious and popular dissenting minister of the Baptist persuasion

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Born: Borde, John Benjamin De La writer

Died: Boullongne, Bon De was born at Paris in 1649

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Born: Chastellux, Francis John, Marquis De a marshal in the French army

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Born: Dionis Du Sejour, Achilles Peter one of the first French astronomers of the last century

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Born: Eyre, James lord chief justice of the court of common pleas

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Died: Floyer, Sir John physician

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“The Law and Practice of Ejectments,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Reports of Cases in Equity and Exchequer,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

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Died: Heritier, Marie Jeanne L' de Villandon

Died: Hunter, Robert, Esq. author of the celebrated “Letter on Enthusiasm

“A letter to Mr. Chandler, in vindication of a passage in the bishop of London’s second Pastoral Letter,” Johnson, Thomas scholar

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“Present State of the Republic of Letters,” Jortin, Dr. John divine

Died: Lagny, Thomas Fantet De mathematician

Died: Littleton, Edward divine

“Rational method of curing Fevers, deduced from the structure of the human body,” Lobb, Theophilus physician

Born: Long, Edward author of a valuable History of Jamaica

Born: Macfarlane, Robert writer

Born: Maclaurin, John, Lord Dreghorn was born at Edinburgh in December 1734

Born: Mercer, James a major in the army

Born: Mercier, Bartholomew writer

Born: Mickle, William Julius poet

“Alphabet de la Fee Gracieuse,” Mirabaud, John Baptist a learned man

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Died: More, James, Esq. was the son of Arthur More

“The Rival Modes” More, James, Esq. was the son of Arthur More

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Born: Mylne, Robert architect

Died: Oldisworth, William queen

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Died: Pourchot, Edmund an eminent French professor of philosophy

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“History of Insects,” Reaumur, Rene' Anthony Farchault, Sieur De naturalist

“Godwin de Prassulibus.” Richardson, William divine

Died: Ridgley, Thomas an eminent dissenter

Born: Romney, George artist

Born: Rozier, Francis writer

“The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed, translated into English immediately from the original Arabic; with explanatory notes taken from the most approved commentators. To which is prefixed, a preliminary Discourse,” Sale, George a learned Englishman

Born: Sharp, Granville eminent as a Christian

Died: Sulzer, John George a very eminent German

“Opera Philosophica et Mineralia,” Swedenborg, Emanuel a Swedish enthusiast

Died: Terrasson, Matthew an eminent advocate to the parliament of Paris

Died: Tillemans, Peter painter

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“Four last Things,” Trapp, Joseph divine

Died: Trembley, Abraham naturalist

“De vasis linguee salivalibus,” Trew, Christopher James naturalist

Born: Twining, Thomas divine

Died: Uffembach, Zachary Conrade D' a very learned German

Died: Vaissette, Joseph historian

Died: Villars, Louis Hector, Duke Of marshal of France

“The Memoirs of M. de Villars” Villars, Louis Hector, Duke Of marshal of France

“Commentary on the Pandects,” Voetius, Gisbert divine

Born: Wales, William mathematician

Born: Waring, Edward Lucasian professor of mathematics in the university of Cambridge

Died: Wild, Henry a tailor

Died: Williams, Charles Hanbury statesman

Died: Wodrow, Robert historian

“De Clypeo Camilli antique,” Woodward, John philosopher

Born: Wright, Joseph commonly called Wright of Derby (?–1797)

Born: Wynne, Edward writer