, a hermetic philosopher, lived about 1130. Rewrote 1. “Clavis majoris sapientiae,” printed in the Chemical Theatre, Francfort, 1614, 8vo Strasburgh, 1699, and afterwards translated into French. 2. “Liber secretus.” 3. “De characteribus planetarum, cantu et motibus avium, rerum praeteritarum et futurarum, lapideque philosophic.” 4. “De vita propaganda,” a work, of the merit of which we may judge from being gravely told that he wrote it at the age of 1025 years. 5. “Speculum speculorum.Artephius’ treatise on the philosopher’s stone, was translated into French by Peter Arnauld, and printed with those of Synesius and Flamel, Paris, 1612, 1659, and 1682, 4to, no inconsiderable proof of the attention bestowed on that delusion. 3


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