Ashworth, Caleb

, a dissenting minister, was born in Northamptonshire 1709, and served an apprenticeship to a carpenter but having a taste for learning, he was entered a student in the academy kept by Dr. Doddridge, where he made great proficiency in all sorts of useful knowledge. He was afterwards ordained minister of a dissenting congregation at Daventry; and became master of the academy kept by the excellent Dr. Doddridge, by the doctor’s express desire in his will. He died much respected at Daventry, 1774, aged sixty-five. His principles are said to have been those of moderate Calvinism. He published three “Funeral Sermons,” on the deaths of Dr. Watts, Mr. Floyd, and Mr. Clark a “Collection of Tunes and Anthems;” a “Hebrew Grammar;” and an “Introduction to Plane Trigonometry.2


Letters to Dissenting Ministers, by Orton, Kippis’s Life of Doddridge, P. 143.