Attardi, Bonaventure

, an Augustin monk, was torn at St. Philip of Agire, or Argire, an ancient town of Sicily, and became professor of church history in the university of Catania, and in 1758 provincial of his order in Sicily and Malta. He wrote, 1. a Bilancia della Verita,“Palermo, 1738, 4to. This was an answer to a book entitled” Paulus apostolus in Mari, quod hunc Venetus sinus dicifcur, naufragus," by P. Ignatius Giorgi, a Benedictine of Hagusa. The dispute respected the name of the island on which St. Paul was shipwrecked, called in Latin Melita. Giorgi was of opinion that it was an island in Dalmatia, now called Melada, while Attardi maintained the more common opinion that it was the well known island of Malta.

2. “Lettera scritta ad un suo amico, in prova che San Filippo d’Argira fu mandate dal principe degli apostoli San Pietro,Palermo, 1738, 4to. 3. “La Riposta senza | inaschera al sig. Lodovico Antonio Muratori,Palermo, 1742. This is one of the many attacks on Muratori, for publishing, under the name of Antonio Lampridio, “that it was not necessary to defend the immaculate conception by force of arms.” The time of Attardi’s death is not mentioned. 1


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