Events noted in 1735

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1730 1740


Died: Adam, James a French translator of some note

Born: Adams, John late president of the United States of America

Died: Aguesseau, Henry Francis D' statesman

“Le Songe d'AlcU biade,” Albert, Louis Joseph D' grandson of the constable de Luynes

“Tempe Helvetica,” Altmann, John George divine

“Remarques de chemie touchant la preparation de certains remedes,” Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

“Proposition d'une mesure de la terre dont il resulte une diminution considerable vers sa circonference sur les paralleles,” Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

“Additiones et correctiones bibliothecsE Benedicto-Casinensis,” Armellini, Mariano Benedictine

“Thesaurus Dissert, selectissimarum.” Arntzenius, Otho was born in 1703

“Memoires” Arvieux, Laurence D' scholar

“Lettres critiques de Hadji-Mehemet-Effendi,” Arvieux, Laurence D' scholar

Died: Audran, John the third son of Germain Audran

Died: Baier, John James physician

Born: Banks, Thomas an eminent English sculptor

“Disputa-io de nonnullis ad poema pertinentibus,” Baumgarten, Alexander Theophilus philosopher

Born: Beattie, James philosopher

“Recherches sur les Theatres de France,” Beauchamps, Pierre François Godard De writer

Born: Beccaria, Bonesana Mauquis Cæsar writer

“Notitia Hungariee novae historico-geographica,” Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

“Architecture Hydraulique,” Belidor, Bernard Forest De a member of the academies of sciences of Paris and Berlin

Born: Bergman, Sir Torbern philosopher

“A Defence of Freethinking in Mathematics,” Berkeley, George prelate

“La Cantica de Cantici di Salomone tradotta in versi Toscani con annotazioni,” Bianchini, Joseph Maria scholar

Born: Bierkander, Claude naturalist

“Theatre de Piemont e de la Savoie,” Blaeu, William an eminent printer

“The Life of the Emperor Julian,” Bleterie, John Philip Rene De La was born at Rennes

“De Lue Venerea;” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Died: Boileau, John James canon of the church of St

“Voyage Merveilleux du prince FanFeredin dans la Romancie, &c.” Bougeant, William Hyacinth historian

Born: Boys, William esq. F. A. and L. S. S. was born at Deal in Kent

“An answer to the plain account of the Sacrament,” Brett, Thomas, Ll. D. divine

Born: Brown, John author of what has been called the Brunonian system in medicine

Died: Browne, Peter a native of Ireland

“Hales’s Vegetable Statics,” Buffon, George Louis Le Clerc, Count Of naturalist

“The Literary Magazine,” Chambers, Ephraim author of the scientific dictionary which goes under his name

“Reply to Mr. Gibbon’s Vindication,” Chelsum, James divine

Died: Chetwood, Knightly was born in 1652

Born: Colardeau, Charles Peter poet

Died: Cordara, Junus Caesar Jesuit

“Scripture Politics,” Croxall, Dr. Samuel was the son of Samuel Croxall

“M use’s Looking-glass.” Dodsley, Robert poet

“Remarks on a late pompous work,” Douglas, James physician

Died: Duchat, Jacob Le a French editor

Died: Duncan, Daniel physician

Died: Eccles, John composer

Born: Farmer, Richard critic

Born: Feller, Francis Xavier De an ex-jesuit

Died: Fortiguerra, Nicolas poet

Died: Glanvil, John war born at Broad Hinton in 1664

“Plurality of Worlds.” Glanvil, John war born at Broad Hinton in 1664

“Supplement” Goujet, Claude Peter a canon of St

“Observations sur les ecrits modernes.” Granet, Francis deacon of the church of Aix

Died: Gua, John Paul De a learned French abbé

“Essay on Satire,” Harte, Walter divine

Died: Hearne, Thomas antiquary

Died: Higgons, Bevil younger son of sir Thomas

Died: Hollis, Thomas esq. of Corscombe in Dorsetshire; a gentleman whose “Memoirs.” have been printed in two splendid volumes (17201774)

Died: Hottinger, John-Henry writer

“The Theatre,” Hughes, John poet

Died: Hugo, Charles Louis a voluminous author in Latin and French

“Conspectus Physiologic,” Juncker, Gottlob John physician

Born: King, Edward antiquary

Born: Lightfoot, Jofln botanist

“Medical Practice in curing Fevers,” Lobb, Theophilus physician

“A new, complete, and universal system or body of Decimal Arithmetic,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“The young student’s Memorial Book, or Patent Library,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“A Description of Egypt, from the Memoirs of M. Maillet,” Mascrier, John Baptist De a French abbé

Born: Meyer, Jeremiah painter

Born: Millar, John professor of law in the university of Glasgow

Died: Moore, John writer

“Translation of the Notes in the Second Part of the Othman History, by Prince Cantemir,” Morant, Philip antiquary

Died: Mordaunt, Charles earl of Peterborough

“The Life of Dr. Edward Littleton,” Morell, Thomas scholar

“Imperius injuria vapulans.” Noodt, Gerard a celebrated civilian (?–1725)

Born: Oberlin, Jeremiah James scholar

“Maniere de Penser,” Orsi, John Joseph poet

“De artificio linguarum,” Pluche, Antony writer

“Collections of Harangues,” Porée, Charles Jesuit

“A translation of Dryden’s play, All for Love,” Prevot D' Exiles, Antony Francis was born at Hesdin (16971763)

Born: Raikes, Robert a printer at Gloucester

Born: Ramsden, Jesse an excellent optician and mechanist

“The Analyst;” Robins, Benjamin mathematician (?–1751)

Died: Robinson, Anastasia an accomplished musical performer

Born: Robinson, Robert divine

“Paradise Lost,” Rolli, Paul Antonio a learned Italian

Born: Sabbathier, Francis writer

Born: Sacchini, Anthony-Maria-Gaspar musician

“Ladies Diaries,” Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

“Conic Sections,” Simson, Robert mathematician

Died: Stewart, Matthew mathematician

Died: Thompson, William poet

“A Vindication of the gospel of St. Matthew,” Twells, Leonard divine

Born: Vandermonde a learned member of the French Institute

Died: Van Effen, Justus a man of letters

Born: Walker, George mathematician

Died: Wesley, Samuel divine

Born: Whitaker, John divine

Born: Woollett, William one of the most eminent of modern engravers in England


Born: Alexander, John writer

Born: Alstroemer, Claude was born in 1736

Born: Amner, Richard divine

Born: Anfossi, Pascal musician

“Mesure conjecturale de la terre sur l‘equateur, en consequence de l’etendue de la mer du Sud,” Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

“Grazioli, De antiquis Mediolani aedificiis,” Argellati, Philip an Italian printer

“De Morbis Veuereis, libri’sex,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

Born: Aubry, John Baptist Benedictine

“Dictionarium domesticum, or a household dictionary,” Bailey, Nathan the author of a well-known dictionary of the English language

Born: Bailly, John Sylvanus an eminent French astronomer

Died: Bate, Julius divine

“Saturnales Francoises,” Baume, James Francis De La canon of the collegiate church of St

Died: Behrens, Conrad Bertold physician

“Programma de pia matre,” Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

“Querist;” Berkeley, George prelate

Died: Bernardi, John usually called major Bernardi

Died: Bertin, Nicholas painter

Died: Boehmer, Justin Henning lawyer

“Sur la maniere de traiter la Petite Verole,” Bouillet, John writer

“Recueil des lettres, et autres pieces pour servir a I'histoire de Pacademie de Beziers,” Bouillet, John writer

“A preface to a translation, by Mrs. Thompson, of the history of the memorable and extraordinary calamities of Margaret of Anjou, queen of England, &c. by the chevalier Michael Baudier,” Carte, Thomas historian

Died: Clerc, John Le writer

“O ratio de Usu Artis Anatomicse, Florent.” Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

“History of the Council of Trent,” Courayer, Peter Francis divine

“Dissertation sur la Pierre des reins et de la vessie,” Desault, Peter physician

Born: Egerton, Francis third duke of Bridgewater

“History of the Pleas of the Crown,” Emlyn, Thomas divine

Died: Eugene, Francis prince of Savoy

Died: Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel the celebrated improver of the thermometer

Born: Falconer, Thomas an English gentleman of extraordinary talents and attainments

“Le Maschere Sceniche e figure Comiche de' antichi Romani,” Ficoroni, Francis a famous Roman medallist

Died: Fontanini, Juste archbishop

Born: Fordyce, George physician

“Le fidele fortifie par la grace,” Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Born: Forskal, Peter naturalist

Died: Fouillou, James a celebrated licentiate of the Sorbonne

Born: Fowler, Thomas an English

Died: Freind, Robert was born in 16'67

Died: Gibert, John Peter LL. D. and D. D. a learned canonist of the same family as the preceding

“Institutions Ecclesiastiques et Beneficiales.” Gibert, John Peter LL. D. and D. D. a learned canonist of the same family as the preceding

“Deliciae eruditorum,” Glycas, Michael was one of the Byzantine historians

“The German Poets, published by John Joachim, a Suabian,” Gottsched, John Christopher poet

Died: Guay-Trouin, Rene Du a French naval officer

Died: Hamilton, George earl of Orkney

“A History of Asia, Africa, and Europe, from the end of the fabulous ages,” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

“Sylloge scriptorum de pronunciations Grascae Linguae,” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

Born: Hawes, William physician

Died: Hawksmoor, Nicholas architect

“A Vindication of the History of the Septuagint,” Hayes, Charles esq. a very singular person

“Julius Caesar,” Heusinger, John Michael divine

“An Illustration of Mr. Daniel Neale’s History of the Puritans, in the article of Peter Smart, M. A. from original papers, with remarks.” Hunter, Christopher antiquary

Born: Jebb, John son of Dr (?–1786)

Born: Jephson, Robert the author of some dramas and poems of considerable merit

Born: Julien, Simon artist

“Conspectus Pathologiac,” Juncker, Gottlob John physician

Born: Lagrange, Joseph Louis mathematician

“Deliciae eruditorum, seu veterum anecdoton opusculorum collectanea,” Lami, John an Italian ecclesiastic

Died: Lethieullier, Smart, Esq. gentleman-commoner of Trinity college

Born: Levesque, Peter Charles writer

Born: Linguet, Simon Nicholas Henry writer

“Flora Lapponica.” Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

“La Religione di Gentili tiel morire,” Maffei, Francis Scipio writer

“Description and use of both the Globes, the Armillary Sphere and Orrery,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“Gallus glorias J. Christi, Spiritusque Sancti obtrectator, publicae contemtioni expositus,” Mosheim, John Lawrence divine (16951755)

“An Impartial Examination of the second volume of Mr. Daniel Neal’s History of the Puritans. In which the reflections of that author, upon king James I. and king Charles I. are proved to be groundless; his misrepresentations of the conduct of the prelates of those times, fully detected; and his numerous mistakes in history, and unfair way of quoting his authorities, exposed to public view,” Neal, Daniel divine

“A complete Catalogue of all the Discourses written both for and against Popery, in the time of King James the Second; containing in the whole an account of four hundred and fifty-seven Books and Pamphlets, a great number of them not mentioned in the three former Catalogues; with references after each title, for the more speedy finding a further Account of the said Discourses and their Authors in sundry Writers, and an Alphabetical List of the Writers on each side.” Peck, Francis antiquary

“L'Art de Guerir par la Saigne*e,” Quesnay, Francis physician

“History of the World,” Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

Born: Rome De L'Isle, John Baptist Louis a distinguished French mineralogist

Born: Runciman, Alexander painter

Died: Sale, George a learned Englishman

Died: Seba, Albert an apothecary of Amsterdam

“On Scurvy,” Shaw, Peter physician

Born: Solander, Daniel Charles naturalist

Born: Steevens, Geokge a celebrated commentator on the works of Shakspeare

Born: Stockdale, Percival writer

“Survey of the Cathedral Church of Worcester,” Thomas, William born in 1670

Died: Thuillier, Vincent Benedictine

Born: Tooke, John Horne a man of very considerable literary abilities

“Letter about the Quakers Tithe Bill,” Trapp, Joseph divine

“Dissertauo de differentiis quibusdam inter hominem natum et nascendum intercedentibus,” Trew, Christopher James naturalist

Born: Vauvilliers, John Francis writer

“De praestantia Grsecarum literarum,” Vauvilliers, John Francis writer

“Concilia Magnse Britanniæ,” Wilkins, David divine (?–1745)

Died: Yalden, Thomas divine


“Histoire de la ville de Montpellier, depuis son origine,” Aigrefeuille, Charles D' antiquary

Born: Alberti Di Villanova, Francis D' author of the best French and Italian

Died: Alkemade, Cornelius Van antiquary

Born: Andrews, James Pettit writer

Died: Anselme, Antony a celebrated French preacher (16521737)

“Practica del fora Veneto,” Argellati, Francis was born at Bologna

Died: Armellini, Mariano Benedictine

“Pro Latina eruditorum lingua,” Arntzenius, Otho was born in 1703

“Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire naturelle cle Languedoc,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

“Relazione dell' Aurora Boreale, veduta in Roma,” Baldini, John Francis antiquary

“Defense des propheties de la religion Chretienne,” Baltus, John Francis Jesuit

“Clavis diplomatica, specimina veterum scripturarum tradens, &c.” Baring, Daniel Eberhard was born in 1690 in Hildesheim

Died: Beach, Thomas writer

“Historical Account of Thomas Sutton, esq. and of his Foundation in the Charter-house,” Bearcroft, Philip master of the Charterhouse

“Lettres d‘Heloise & d’Abailard,” Beauchamps, Pierre François Godard De writer

Born: Berg, John Peter divine

“Concorde des livres de la Sagesse, on Morale du St. Esprit,” Besoigne, Jerome a doctor of the Sorbonne

“Fr. Bianchini astronomicæ et geographicæ observationes selectæ ex ejus autographis, &c. cura et studio Eustachii Manfredi,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

“Professor Greaves’s miscellaneous works,” Birch, Thomas writer

“De la distribution des maisons de plaisance,” Blondel, James Francis and a man of abilities

“Historia Insectorum, sive Biblia Naturae,” Boerhaave, Herman physician

Born: Bordeu, Francis brother to Theophilus

“Remarques sur les Tusculanes de Ciceron, avec une dissertation sur Sardanapale, dernier roi d'Asyrie,” Bouhier, John president a mortier of the parliament of Dijon

“The Strollers,” Breval, John Durant De son of Francis Durant de Breval

“De Praxi medica ineunda,” Brownrigg, William physician

“Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the family of the Boyles,” Budgell, Eustace writer

Died: Buffier, Claude a learned metaphysician

“Thesaurus Zeylanicus, exhibens Plantas in Insula Zeylana nascentes, Iconibus illustratus,” Burman, John once a pupil of Boerhaave

Died: Butler, Joseph prelate

“Farther reasons, addressed to parliament, for rendering more effectual an act of queen Anne, relating to the vesting in authors the right of copies, for the encouragement of learning, by R. H.” Carte, Thomas historian

Born: Chambers, Sir Robert for several years chief justice of the supreme court of judicature in Bengal

“Meditatio sacra in verba S. Pauli, quee beatitudinem in Domino morientium veram ac certam demonstrat,” Cramer, John Rodolphus divine

“Oeuvres diverses,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

“Examen de l‘Essai sur l’homme, poeme de M. Pope,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

Died: Cunningham, Alexander historian

Born: Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Died: Desault, Peter physician

Died: Dithmar, Justus Christopher professor of the law of nature and nations

“Church History of England,” Dodd, Charles historian

“Toy-shop.” Dodsley, Robert poet

Born: Donaldson, John artist

Born: Eckhel, Joseph Hilary antiquary

“Hortus Cliffortianus,” Ehret, George Dionysius painter

Died: Estrees, Victor Marie D' born in 1660

“The Muses Library,” Fairfax, Edward poet

“Universae Physiologiae Conspectus,” Fizes, Anthony physician

“Mercure et Minerve% ou choix de nouvelles, &c.” Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Born: Forsyth, William an able horticulturist

“Quatuor Tentamina in re numaria vetere,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

Born: Galvani, Lewis from whose name the appellation of Galvanism was given to a supposed new principle in nature

“Anatomy of a Horse” Garsault, Francis Alexander De was grandson of M. de Garsault

Born: Geddes, Alexander divine

“History and Practice of Civil Actions in the Common-pleas,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Truth defended, c.” Gill, John divine

“Musaeum Etruscum,” Gorio, Anthony Francis antiquary

“Exercitationes quatuor medicse,” Gorter, John De physician

“De l‘etatdes Sciences en France, depuis la mort de Charlemagne jusqu’a cello du roi Robert,” Goujet, Claude Peter a canon of St

Born: Grand, John Baptist Le was born at Amiens

Died: Green, Matthew poet

“The Spleen” Green, Matthew poet

Died: Harte, Walter divine

Died: Hecquet, Philip physician

“Thesaurus Zeylanicus,” Hermann, Paul botanist

Died: Hoffmann, Frederick physician

“New Danger of Presbytery,” Hooper, Dr. George divine

“Miscellanies in Verse and Prose” Hughes, Jabez was the younger brother of Mr

“Treatise of Human Nature;” Hume, David historian

Died: Hutchinson, John an English autnor

Born: Jenner, Charles writer

Died: Johnson, Samuel one of the most eminent and highly-distinguished writers of the eighteenth century

“The Works of the Learned” Jurin, James born in 1684

Died: Imperiali, Joseph Renatus cardinal

Died: Iselin, James Christopher in Latin Iselius

“Siface,” Leonardo, Leo principal organist of the chapel royaj at Naples

“Genera Plantarum,” Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

“Dioscorides Secundus.” Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

Died: Lovibond, Edward poet

Died: Lucas, Paul traveller

“Leonidas,” Lyttelton, George writer

Died: Mautour, Philibert Bernard Moreau De born at Beaune in 1654

“Notizie Historiche e Critiche, intorno alia vita, alle inventione, ed agli Scritti di Archimede Siracusano,” Mazzuchelli, John Maria a nobleman of Brescia

Died: Micheli, Peter Anthony botanist

“The History of England, by way of Question and Answer,” Morant, Philip antiquary

Died: Neumann, Caspar an eminent chemist

Died: Newton, Sir Isaac the most splendid genius that has yet adorned human nature (16431727)

“The British Librarian, exhibiting a compendious Review of all unpublished and valuable books, in all sciences,” Oldys, William a bibliographer of great industry and accuracy

Born: Paine, Thomas writer

“Amcenitates,” Palearius, Aonlus writer

“The Works of the Learned,” Pemberton, Henry physician

“The Beggar’s Opera.” Pepusch, John Christopher one of the greatest theoretic musicians of modern times

Died: Pergolesi, John Baptist one of the most excellent of the Italian composers

Born: Petty, William second lord Wycombe

“Elemens du Pilotages,” Pezenas, Esprit Jesuit

“Universal Passion,” Quin, James a celebrated actor

Born: Revickzky, Count Charles statesman

“Opera Medica Universa,” Riviere, La'Zarus an eminent French physicist

“Theatre Francois,” Rotrou, John De poet

“and a cordial love to the exercise of Christian discipline among them, extended not to a few external particulars only, as dress and address, but also to the inordinate pursuit of riches, to lukewarmness, and to profaneness, and all immorality.” Rutty, John writer

Died: Saurin, Joseph mathematician

“Vindiciae secundum libertatem pro Maronis jEneide, cui manum Jo. Harduinus nuper assertor injecerat,” Saxius, Christopher historian

Died: Scheuchzer, John James naturalist

Died: Smith, Joseph younger brother of the preceding Dr

“Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures,” Smith, Robert the very learned successor of Bentley as master of Trinity college

“Letters” Solis, Antonio De writer

Died: Strype, John the most valuable contributor to ecclesiastical history and biography that ever appeared in this country

Born: Towers, Joseph writer

“High flown episcopal and priestly claims freely examined, in a dialogue between a country gentleman and a country vicar,” Towgood, Micajah divine

Born: Townley, Charles scholar

Died: Tozzetti, John Targioni botanist

“An Introduction to Psalmody,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion

“Answer to the Inquiry into the meaning of the Demoniacks in the New Testament,” Twells, Leonard divine

Died: Villefore, Joseph Francis Bourgoin De a French biographer

“A Review of the doctrine of the Eucharist, as laid down in scripture and antiquity,” Waterland, Daniel divine

Born: Watson, Henry a gallant officer and able engineer

Born: Watson, Richard prelate

Died: Willymot, William a teacher of considerable note

Born: Wintle, Thomas divine

Born: Zouch, Thomas divine


Born: Abbt, Thomas writer

“Historia Monarchiarum orbis antiqui,” Abel, Gaspar a native of Halberstadt

Born: Abercromby, Sir Ralph a British officer of great bravery and talents

“La Medicine et la Chirurgie des pauvres,” Alexander, Nicholas Benedictine

Born: Almon, John a bookseller

“Cleon a Eudoxe, touchant la pre-eminence de la Medicine sur la Chirurgie.” Andry, Nicholas surnamed Bois-Regard

“Petri Artedi, Sueci medici, Ichthyologia, sive opera omnia de Piscibus,” Artedi, Peter naturalist

“Lettera scritta ad un suo amico, in prova che San Filippo d'Argira fu mandate dal principe degli apostoli San Pietro,” Attardi, Bonaventure an Augustin monk

“Lezioni soprala Passione di nostro Signer,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

Born: Baldinger, Ernest Gottfried physician

Born: Battishill, Jonathan composer

“Historia regni Graecorum Bactriani,” Bayer, Theophilus Siegfrid was born in 1694

Died: Bel, John James counsellor of the parliament of Bourdeaux

“Dictionnaire portatif de l'ingenieur,” Belidor, Bernard Forest De a member of the academies of sciences of Paris and Berlin

Born: Bentinck, William Henry Cavendish third duke of Portland

Born: Benzel De Sternau, Anselm Francis De a privy counsellor of the electorate of Meritz

“Programma de nervis quibusdam cranii ad novem paria hactenus non relatis,” Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

“Electa disceptationum forensium,” Berger, John Henry De lawyer

“Hydrodyriamica,” Bernoulli, Daniel philosopher

“Arcana sacra bibliothecaram Dresdensium,” Beyer, Augustus a German Protestant minister

“Del palazzo de' Cesari, opera postuma,” Bianchini, Francis philosopher

“Perspiratio dicta Hippocrati, per universum corpus anatomice illustrata,” Boerhaave, Abraham Kaan professor of medicine in the university of Petersburg

Born: Buchan, Elspeth the foundress of a set of modern fanatics

Died: Burman, Francis was born at Utrecht

Died: Carmichael, Gekhhom, M. A. was born at Glasgow in 1682

“Method of Study, or a useful library,” Carte, Thomas historian

Born: Cerutti, Joseph Anthony Joachim poet

“Bibliotheque Historique,” Chais, Charles divine

Born: Chandler, Richard antiquary

“Histoire et description gene*rale du Japon,” Charlevoix, Peter Francis Xavier De Jesuit

“Essay,” Clarke, Dr. Alured divine

Born: Cochran, William artist

Born: Cornwallis, Charles, First Marquis

Died: Cramer, John Andrew of another family

“Commentaire sur la traduction en vers de M. l‘abbé du Resnel, de l’essai de M. Pope,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

“An Examination of Mr. Pope’s Essay on Man containing a succinct view of the system of the fatalists, and a confutation of their opinions with an illustration of the doctrine of free-will, and an inquiry what view Mr. Pope might have in touching upon the Leibnitzian philosophy and fatalism,” Crousaz, John Peter De mathematician

“Acta Eruditorum.” Crusius, Christian professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“Tusculanarum disputationum, libri quinque,” Davies, John critic

“Livy,” Drakenborch, Arnold an eminent classical editor

“Ducatiana,” Duchat, Jacob Le a French editor

Died: Duval, Valentine Jamerai a man of extraordinary talents

Born: Edwards, Edward the late teacher of perspective in the royal academy

Died: Eryceira, Francis Xavier De Meneses, Count D' great grandson of the foregoing

“De Tumoribus in Genere,” Fizes, Anthony physician

Born: Fleurieu, Charles Peter Clarel De zm evninmt French hydrographer

“Correspondence entre deux amis sur la succession de Juliers et de Bergues,” Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

“Sermons sur le mystere de la naissance de Jesus Christ,” Formey, John Henry Samuel writer

Died: Fox, Francis clergyman

“Animadversiones in quosdam numos veteres urbium,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

Died: Frowde, Philip poet

Died: Gaupp, John divine

“Thesaurus Numismatum,” Gesner, John Matthew critic

“Treatise of the Court of Exchequer,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Observations on Poetry, especially Epic, occasioned by the late poem upon Leonidas,” Glover, Richard poet

Died: Greene, Thomas prelate

Born: Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip writer

Died: Haller, Albert De one of the most eminent physicians and philosophers of the eighteenth century

Died: Hammond, Anthony, Esq. descended from a family long situated at Somersham-place

Died: Harris, George an English civilian

“Reguin et imperatorum Romanorum numismata, ducis Croyiaci, et Arschotani, &c.” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

“Dionysius Periegetes,” Havercamp, Sigebert a classical editor of considerable fame

“A Critical Examination-of the Holy Gospels according to St. Matthew and St. Luke, with regard to the history of the birth and infancy of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Hayes, Charles esq. a very singular person

Died: Helsham, Richard doctor of physic

Born: Hermann, John professor of botany and the materia medica at Strasburgh

Died: Hoogeveen, Henry a very celebrated Dutch philologer

“An Inaugural Speech at Culembourg,” Hoogeveen, Henry a very celebrated Dutch philologer

Died: Kerkherdere, John Gerard a learned professor of the university of Louvain

Born: Klotz, Christian Adolphus critic

Died: Labat, John Baptist traveller

“Modern Theory of Physic,” Langrish, Browne physician

“Recueil de divers Merits servant a Pe‘claircissement de l’histoire fie France,” Lebeuf, John antiquary

“A^horismi Botanici,” Ludwig, Christian Theophilus writer

Born: Macpherson, James an author whose fame rests chiefly on his being the editor of Ossian’s poems

Died: Maillet, Benedict De a French theorist of some note

“Anti-Cotton, ou Refutation de la lettre declaratoire du P. Cotton, avec un dissertation,” Marchand, Prospeu an author to whom the curious in literary history are greatly indebted

Died: Michaelis, John Henry a learned orientalist

Died: Mitchell, Joseph was the son of a stone-cutter in North-Britain

Died: Moor, Karel De painter

“De Paradise, regnique celestis gloria liber, ad versus Burnetii librum de statu mortuorum,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

“Antiquitates Italicae medii aevi, post declinationem Romani imperii ad ann. 1500,” Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

Died: Papillon, Philibert a learned canon of la Chapelle-au Riche

“A Review of the Controversy about the meaning of Demoniacs in the New Testament,” Sharpe, Gregory master of the Temple

Born: Shaw, Cuthbert poet

“Travels” Shaw, Thomas traveller

Died: Sheridan, Thomas the intimate friend of Dean Swift

“De Linguae Etruriic Regalis vernacula Dissertatio,” Swinton, John antiquary

Born: Thompson, Edward writer

“An abstract of English grammar,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion

“Chronologic de l‘historie sainte et des histoires etrangeres depuis la sortie d’Egypte jusqu'a la captivite de Babylone,” Vignoles, Alphonso Des a learned chronologist

“The Divine Legation” Warburton, William prelate

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Born: Williams, David a literary and religious projector of some note (17381816)

Died: Yorke, Philip earl of Hardwicke


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Born: Blum, Joachim Christian poet

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Born: Lyons, Israel son of a Polish Jew

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