Bachovius, Reiner

, was born at Cologne in 1554, and brought up to business. He went to Leipsic, where he married but his tranquillity was soon disturbed, owing to his having exchanged the opinions of Luther for those of Calvin. At first there were nothing but suspicions against him, and his enemies were satisfied with removing him from his public employments but the times changing, he obtained the office of senator, and afterwards in the year 1585 that of Echevin, and about three years after that of consul. The Elector Christian I. dying in 1591, Bachovius was importuned to profess Lutheranism, and on refusing, they obliged him to quit his posts. He had np regard to the advice which was given him to retire, though they represented to him the danger of a prison he thought that this flight would give occasion to his enemies to tell the world, that he was not conscious of his innocence but in the year 1593 he was forced to give way to the popular commotions, and to depart from Leipsic. He went first to Serveste, and the year following to the Palatinate, not without the loss of almost all his effects. He found a kind protector in the elector Palatine, and he executed several offices of profit and honour at Heidelberg till his death, | which happened the 27th of February, 1614. He published a commentary on the catechism of the Palatinate. 1


Gen. Dict. -Mortri. Mtlchior Adana in Vltis Jurisconsult*