Bachaumont, Louis Petit De

, a French miscellaneous writer, was a native of Paris, and a man of general knowledge. In 1762, he commenced a journal “Historique et Litteraire,” and after his death in 1771, one of his friends collected his manuscript notes, and published them in 1777, in 9 vols. 12mo, under the title of “Memoires Secrets,” which have been continued since as far as thirty volumes. There is much political history in these memoirs, with many private anecdotes of the principal personages concerned they contain also criticisms, poetry, temporary history, and such materials as generally ii!l our magazines and reviews, but with a good deal of truth, they contain a certain proportion of scandal. Bachaumont also published “Lettre Critique sur le Louvre, L' Opera, la Place Louis XV. et les Salles de Spectacle,” 1752, 8vo; “Essai sur la peinture, la sculpture, et Parchitecture,1752, 8vo and an edition of Quintilian, with a translation by Gedoyn, and a life of the translator, 1752, 4 vols. 12 mo. 2