Barbosa, Augustin

, bishop of Ugento, and son of the preceding, studied the civil and canon law under his father, and continued the same pursuit at Rome, passing his days in reading at the public libraries, and his nights in writing, and living, according to Erythraeus, on a very scanty income. The same biographer informs us that one day his servant brought him a piece of fish wrapped up in a sheet of manuscript, which he discovered to be part of a work on the canon law. He immediately went to the market, and was so fortunate as to purchase the whole with the loss of only four or five leaves; and it is added, that this was the book “De officio Episcopi,” which he published under his own name. He published also many other works, of which a very copious catalogue is given by Antonio, but certain critics were of opinion that he was very much indebted to his father’s manuscripts for some of these. In 1632, he returned to Spain, and at Madrid was employed partly in judging of ecclesiastical affairs, and partly in preparing his writings, until 1648, when king Philip IV. appointed him bishop of Ugento, the duties of which office he performed with care and piety for the short remainder of his life. He died about the latter end of 1649. Besides his writings on the civil and canon law, he compiled a “Dictionario Lusitanico- Latino,1611, fol. Others of this family distinguished themselves as able canonists, but there is little in their history very interesting. 3


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