Barchausen, John Conrad

, an eminent physician, was born at Home, in the county of Lippe, March 16, 1666. After applying to classical studies for some years, chemistry and pharmacy became his favourite pursuits, and in improving himself in them, he attended the instructions of the most famous practitioners at Berlin, Mentz, and other places ii> Germany. After ten years spent in this manner, he returned to his native country in 1693, but after a short stay, set out again for improvement in various parts of Germany, Hungary, and Italy. At the expedition of the Morea, he acted as physician to the general of the Venetian army, but on the death of this commander, he came to Etolland, took up his residence at Utrecht, and obtained permission of the magistrates to teach chemistry. Their decree for this purpose is dated Sept. 17, 1694, and on Oct. 3, 1698, he was created M. D. and lecturer on chemistry. In March 1703 3 he was elected professor extraordinary of chemistry, which office he filled with great reputation until his death, Oct. 1, 1723. Barchausen was a man of worth and probity, liberal and public-spirited. By his will, he bequeathed to the public library, a valuable collection of works on botany and natural history, and his own writings remain a monument of his skill in those branches, and in pharmacy, chemistry, and medicine. The principal are, 1. “Synopsis pharmaceutica,” Francfort, 1690, 12mo, Utrecht, 1696, 8vo. 2. “Pyrosophia,Leyden, 1698, 4to, and a new edition in 1717, under the title “Elementa chemise, &c.” 3. “Acroamata, in quibus complures ad iatrochemiam, atqne physicam spectantia jucunda rerum varietate explicantur,Utrecht, 1703, 8vo. 4. “Historia Medicinge,” Amst. 1710, 8vo, in nineteen dialogues, which he enlarged and changed to dissertations in an edition published at Utrecht, 1723, 4to, entitled “De Medicinae origine et progressu.” 5. “Compendium ratiocinii chetnici more geometrarum concinnatum,Leyden, 1712, 8vo. 6. “Collecta medicines practicue generalis,” Amst. 1715. Manget gives analyses of all these works. 1