Bernard, Dr. Francis

, was chief physician to king James II. He was a man of learning, and what is now termed an able bibliographer. His private collection of books, which were scarce and curious, sold for upwards of 1600l. in 1698; a large sum at that time, when the passion for rare books was much more moderate than now. He died Feb. 9, 1697, aged 69 years. Mr Charles Bernard, brother to Francis, and surgeon to the princess Anne, daughter of king James, had also a curious library, which was sold by auction in 1711. The “Spaccio della Bestia triomfante,” by Jordano Bruno, an Italian atheist, which is said in number 389 of the Spectator to have sold for 30l. was in this sale. Mr. Ames informs us that this book was printed in England by Thomas Vautrollier in 1584. An English edition of it was printed in 1713. 2


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