Bertier, Joseph Stephen

, of the oratory, was born at Aix in Provence, in 1710, and died Nov. 15, 1783. He is known by two works which at the time made some noise among the naturalists one is entitled, “Physique des cometes,1760, 12mo; the other, “Physique des corps animus,1755, 12mo. The author had cultivated the sciences with success; and in person had a striking resemblance to pere Malebranche. His character appears to have been very excellent. Of all the men of learning in Paris, he was the most obliging, and strangers were always desirous of a recommendation to Bertier, as a sure means of being introduced to the most celebrated characters, and to every object of curiosity. In philosophy he was a Cartesian long after that system had been given up. Louis XV. called him, on this account, le pere aux tourbillons. He was the author of some other works besides those above mentioned, but they are not in much repute. 2


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