Bini, Severin

, in Latin Binius, was born at Randelraidt, in the country of Juliers, and became canon and professor of divinity at Cologn, where he died in 1641. | He is known, and not much to his credit, as the editor of a “Collection of the Councils,Cologne, 1606, 4 vols. fol. 1618, 9 vols. and Paris, 1636, 10 vols. with notes from Baronius, Beilarmin, Suarez, &c. but he has taken so many liberties in capriciously altering these councils in, many parts, that it becomes necessary to caution the reader against the purchase of his work. Usher calls him “Contaminator Conciliorum.1


Biog. Universelle. —Moreri. —Foppen Hibl. Belg. who has the impudence to call Usher “pseudo-archiepiscupus.